Neighbor Belittled His Wife For Being A Teacher, He Asked Them To Get Off His Property.

In a marriage respect is important. When you notice others disrespecting your better wife what would you do? Would you confront them or just ignore their actions? Read the story and tell us how you would handle the situation.

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My (36m) wife Lex (33f) is a middle school teacher. I work as a financial consultant. We make decent money and a few months ago, we purchased our first house together.

Our neighbor, Ryan (40’s male) lives across the street with his wife and toddler (2f). He’s been very friendly and comes over to chat all the time, including a couple days ago while I was working on my car. He stayed for maybe 30 minutes and then left, as usual.

Later before bed, Lex asked me if I ever noticed that Ryan does not speak to her. I said I had no idea what she was talking about, and she said he will only talk to me and not her, that she noticed none of our neighbors address her and that their wives never come with them. I thought she was exaggerating and she said forget it, so I did until yesterday.

Ryan and another neighbor Frank (40’sm) were walking towards us while we were doing yard work. I watched as they walked past Lex, who waved at them and said hi, to come talk to me. This time, I noticed that they didn’t acknowledge her. When they came up, I said hi and we started chatting. When Lex went back inside for a minute, I asked why they didn’t wave at her or respond. They claimed they didn’t notice her and I asked how could they not, that she was less than a foot away from them when they walked past.

Frank joked that his fiancee says that he can only hear voices under a ‘certain timbre’ and maybe that’s why. Ryan laughed but I didn’t. I asked him to acknowledge Lex when she addressed them. He said it’s not that big of a deal and Frank agreed. I said it was to me. Ryan suggested that Lex should go hang out with his wife so we could hang out and she didn’t feel ignored. I said it’s not about hanging out, but just common courtesy, that they were on our property and should acknowledge her.

Ryan said that he felt no need to talk to Lex because I was his buddy. Frank agreed and said, “Besides, teachers tend to be no fun. Mine were annoying as hell,” and they both laughed.

So I told them to get off my property. They told me they were kidding and to learn to take a joke, but I insisted they leave. They did with a couple of apologies, though they didn’t sound super sincere.

I haven’t told Lex what happened yet, I will when we go to lunch today…but this morning, we were touching up our flower bed when another neighbor (Ben 30s) came over and told me Ryan and Frank were saying I was being an a** (Lex wasn’t around to hear this as she was watering the flowers in the back of the house).

He said it was a bit offensive, but that they’re good people and were kidding and I should go make things right so as to not disturb the peaceful neighborhood, but I don’t think I should. Am I a Jerk? To be clear, none of the conversation involved any yelling or anything. No cursing or name calling, either. But we just moved here and I might have put us in a bad spot. Did I go too far here?

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