Neighbor Blocks In Person’s Car To Teach Them A Lesson, Ends Up Getting Evicted Almost Immediately.

Source: Reddit

I live in a small complex with a communal parking lot, no reserved spaces. On my wife’s birthday, she invited a friend over to go out celebrating. When her friend showed up, there happened to be a tree that had fallen in the lot and blocked half of it off while it was being cleared. The only spot she could get to was one of the two disabled spots in the lot.

Not a problem, since she had a valid handicap tag, which was displayed. She asked when she came in if it was ok for her to park there, and i said it was fine since she was legally allowed to, and the only person in the complex to use the spots could park in the next spot. We got ready to go out, and when i went to get my car, i noticed the car that usually parked in the disabled spot had parked directly behind our friend, blocking her in, and left the other disabled spot empty. I told the apartment manager to please have her move her car by morning.

We went out for a nice night of clubbing and got home at 3am. The car was still blocked in, and the other disabled spot was still empty. So I called the police. They showed up, looked at the way she was parked, and started laughing. “Why didn’t she just park in the next spot?” I told them I didn’t know, and he said (at 3:30am) “Well, let’s go wake her up and ask!”.

He did that cop-knock on her door to wake her up and told her to move her car. She began yelling at him “That’s MY spot, and i’m teaching someone a lesson!” He explained to her that it is not her personal spot, and there was ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NEXT TO IT, even closer to her door. He told her to move the car immediately, and to think about what she was going to say next, because she was close to going to jail.

She moved the car and never spoke to me again…. But! She had also yelled at the apartment manager when he asked her to move it. Turns out she was behind in her rent, so they started eviction proceedings. Manager then paid me $150 to take her boxed up stuff and throw it in the building’s dirty basement.

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