Newlyweds Are Surprised With All-Paid Honeymoon Getaway Trip, Find Out Groom’s Parents Invited Themselves In, Drama Ensues After They Ask For Privacy.

Going on a honeymoon is meant to be one of the most delightful weeks in the life of any newlywed. However in this story a couple’s honeymoon was rudely disrupted by an overbearing set of parents. Read the story to know what the couple decided to do and let us know what you would do in their situation.

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(not from my husband)

My husband and I are on our honeymoon. His parents gifted us a week in an all inclusive hotel at no cost to us as a wedding gift, and we were really grateful. On arriving we found out that they’d also booked a room at this hotel for themselves for the whole week and wanted to do group things. Outside of this, we see them maybe 2 or 3 times a year for a couple days at a time as he finds them a bit overbearing at times and they don’t really like me.

It’s not like they’re in the room next door or anything and we can still do stuff in our room alone but they knock on our door regularly, waking us up at 6am, making us get all 3 meals a day with them. We’ve tried telling them we wanted “alone time” for our honeymoon and they shrugged us off saying that’s what our room is for.

We also tried faking illness to get out of eating with them and they just got room service to our room and sat with us while we faked stomach aches. My husband snapped earlier and said this whole thing was way over the line and they had no right intruding on our honeymoon of all things, and they told us that they paid for this whole thing and that as adults we’re allowed to take holidays at the same time to the same place.

We’ve been talking and we saved up to pay for our own honeymoon before they surprised us. We still have the money we would have spent in our joint wedding/honeymoon account. There’s another town we wanted to go to on our honeymoon and we looked it up and we could get tickets from here to there and then back home for less than $60 total. We could also book a few days in a nice hotel for about half of what’s left in our wedding/honeymoon fund and use the remainder of the week we booked off in another town without his parents knowing we’d left until we had.

It’s 9pm now, there’s trains from here to the other town every hour, plus more half-hourly trains tomorrow. Would it be wrong if we ran away from his parents without telling them? What are your opinions? 

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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