No One At The Restaurant Was Willing To Help This Old Lady.

Source: Facebook

I was having my lunch at Menara Millenium, when i saw this thin and old lady approaching people to buy lunch for her. The sad thing is nobody was willing to help her! Some people didn’t even listen to her and reject her with “No… No… No…” Come on… She is not a monster, why can’t you listen to her first? She just needs some help…

When she came to me, i said yes then i brought her to a mix rice stall. She just took some vegetable with rice. I asked her to take some more but she said no need. Obviously, she just wanted to have a meal. After that, she ordered a coke. Her lunch only cost me RM6. During her lunch, she walked to me 3 times and kept saying thank you to me. I can see from her face that she really appreciated the lunch! Guys, anybody work nearby Menara Millenium, when you see this lady again. Please help her…

The reason i post this, because I wish more people are aware about these. Sometimes our little help can mean a lot for those who needed help. You may feel offended, you don’t want to listen and help them, as you may think that she keeps doing this everyday. Is that the reason you refused to listen and help them? We always say that we want to be kind and helpful, but what have you done for those people who needed help… Would you mind to give them some help? 

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