Nurse Who Payed For Strangers Meal Never Expected Such A Response.

On a cool night in Barre, Vermont, nurse Kathleen Conners stopped by the L & M Diner after a grueling shift at the hospital. She was beat, but she ordered her usual breakfast – one plain pancake and a hot chocolate.

When she was preparing to pay for her meal, she found a bunch of bingo winnings in her pocket, so she decided to pay for the meal of two people who appeared to be a father and son sitting at a table down from her. It was a nice gesture. Then she left.

Incredibly, those two who looked like a father and son did the same for another couple before they left. Then THAT couple paid it forward for another couple… and so on.

In a span of six hours, at that little diner in Barre, Vermont, 46 people … paid for another person’s meal. It was an incredible show of giving to strangers… one after another… after another.

Maybe we should all take that notion to our own little diner the next time we’re out. 

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