Officer Calls Out Of Work So He Can Follow Wife Upstate, Kills Her Lover And Himself

When an NYPD cop discovered his wife was having an affair with a younger guy, he became enraged and killed himself and her partner.

On May 8, Officer Sean Armstead, 36, was scheduled to work a midnight shift in the Bronx. Rather, he yelled out and followed his wife, Alexandra Vanderheyden, 35, and her suspected boyfriend, Edward Wilkins, 20. Wilkins allegedly worked for Vanderheyden’s dog grooming business.

Vanderheyden led Armstead to Orange County, New York. At 3:45 p.m., she met Wilkins at a La Quinta Inn in Wallkill. Vanderheyden suspected she was being followed, so she parked her car a few blocks away and had Wilkins pick her up. They stayed for many hours before departing again, feeling comfortable since they knew Armstead would be getting ready for work and would most likely be back in the Bronx.

They ate had a Golden Corral and then proceeded to Dave and Buster’s before going back to the hotel. They came to a halt so Vanderheyden could get her automobile. Armstead began chasing Wilkins in their automobiles along NY-211 at some time.

Armstead collided with Wilkins’ vehicle, forcing both to spin out. Wilkins got out of his car and started running as soon as it came to a halt. Armstead was close behind. As Wilkins raced into a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot, he started shooting at him.

One of the 16 bullets fired at Wilkins struck him in the back of the skull. Armstead understood what he’d done and shot himself, killing himself. Vanderheyden arrived on the scene and was shocked to learn that both were dead.

Joe Meyer, her brother, stated in a statement on their behalf that the horrific events that transpired late on May 8 have directly damaged their family. They are waiting for the results of the law enforcement inquiry to find out exactly what transpired. They urge that the media respect the privacy of the families and victims associated in this horrific tragedy and enable law enforcement to conduct an effective investigation.

Vanderheyden and Armstead had been married for nine years. His concerns that she was having an affair had just recently surfaced. Armstead has a track record of dubious behavior, with five complaints lodged against him in three distinct events in 2013 and 2014, including abuse of power and unnecessary power. None of the accusations were ever proven.

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