Officer Comforts The Little Girl After Her Father Was Pulled Over.

Can black people and white people live together in the same city? The same country? The same world? Well of course they can and those were some silly, ridiculous questions.

But to young children, when all they see is violence between the two races, it becomes very scary for them to see someone of that different colored skin than their own. And, sadly, it’s no wonder.

In Texas, Frisco Police Department officer Mike Collins pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop. Driving that car was Michael Harris, who immediately told the officer he had a conceal carry license and he had a pistol holstered on his right hip. His 7-year-old daughter, Mikylie, was in the back seat and started crying and getting very upset.

But officer Collins assure the little girl that everything was just fine, and he gave her a badge sticker. He also let her in his patrol car to play with the lights and sirens. She quickly calmed down, and felt that she could trust the officer.

She was upset because there had recently been shootings in Dallas, and she asked her dad, “Why are white people and black people killing each other?” Her dad, Michael, was at a loss for words. Something like that truly IS a very hard thing to explain, especially to a young child. So naturally her fears kicked in when her black father was pulled over by a while policeman. But what Officer Collins did helped plenty in calming her fears.

Says Harris: “That made her feel a lot more comfortable with police officers. It was a great experience for her.”

And her dad assured her that everything was just fine. The traffic stop was a very minor one, with Harris receiving a ticket for a minor offense. But it was a valuable encounter that showed one little girl that policemen are good people and violence between the races is completely unnecessary.

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