Officer Cradles Baby As Mother Files Domestic Violence Report.

It’s not that often a police officer is assigned babysitting duties. But officer Robert Lofgran of the West Jordan Police Department in Utah was more than happy to help out.

It all started when a young mother with several children came into the department to file a domestic violence report. In her arms, she was holding an infant. Before she filled out the paperwork, Officer Lofgran took the baby from the mother and held it for the duration, while also watching over her other children there.

As the mother spent a couple of hours filling out the paperwork, some of the department’s record clerks took photos of Officer Lofgran on babysitting duty. They posted some of those photos onto the department’s website and they received many likes and shares.

Sgt. Alex Earelli said the department is more than happy to help in situations like this because those are the values the department is trying to represent.

Says the officer: “I wouldn’t say it’s every single day, but it’s often where officers do step in to try and help out with providing any type of resource so the parents or the victims can get assistance.” 

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