Officer Details Moment He Pleads For His Life, Telling ‘I’ve Got Kids’

The inquiry into what occurred on January 6 2021 and what caused it, is continuing. Capitol cops have been presenting dramatic and disturbing evidence as part of the probe, demonstrating exactly how terrible their encounters on that day genuinely were.

There has been no shortage of devastating moments, especially as previously unseen film was shown before the committee.

Many cops have sobbed as they remember the events and open up about the anguish they have endured afterwards. But one of the most moving moments of Tuesday’s testimony came when Officer Michael Fanone described being battered and bruised nearly to death.

While he watched it back, footage of Officer Fanone being seized, pulled, and abused was aired. He was also shot with a stun gun during the incident. As a result, he had a concussion and experienced a slight heart attack. The pounding rendered Fanone unconscious.

The film speaks for itself in terms of how terrifying the event was for the cops guarding the Capitol that day. Officer Fanone’s testimony, on the other hand, was nothing short of forceful, as he urged that GOP politicians cease ignoring the fact of the insurgency.

D.C. Metro Officer Michael Fanone Testifies About Jan 6

‘I was grabbed, beaten, tased, all while being called a traitor to my country’ — Watch D.C. metro officer Michael Fanone testify about the Capitol attack via NowThis Politics

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

He boldly detailed the most heinous events, portraying a picture of complete chaos and dread. But maybe no memory was more painful than when he described being surrounded by rioters and afraid for his life.

Officer Fanone stated that he pondered deploying his handgun, although he was aware of how fast the mob would overrun him. He claimed he knew it would provide them with ample cause to murder him. He explained, instead, he decided to appeal to whatever compassion they might have. He said as loud as he could that he’s got kids.

While reaching for his pistol, rioters yelled, “Kill him with his own gun,” according to Officer Fanone. Fanone is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. With that, he repeats the events of the day in his head, claiming that he can still hear the chanting as plainly as day.

Despite hours of film and impassioned testimonies from cops, some politicians continue to dispute the realities. Officer Fanone chastised the lawmakers, accusing them of “dishonoring their oath of office.” On Tuesday, presenters hopped on the bandwagon, not only denying that Fanone’s and other responding cops’ testimony was truthful, but also mocking them for suffering as a result of the trauma they experienced that day.

Laura Ingraham went so far as to offer him a faux “Best Performance” trophy for his testimony on her show. Officer Fanone stated that people who utilize this strategy of openly disputing the facts and making fun of the cops do so because they have nothing else to fall back on. He explained that he spent a lot of time in his profession testifying in court. He’s always at ease when defense attorneys used theatrical methods because he knows they no longer had evidence to back up their claim.

Officer Fanone may not be concerned with what pundits say about what happened on January 6. He is, however, genuinely concerned by Republican lawmakers dismissing the gravity of the violence against Capitol cops. After all, on that terrible day, he battled to defend them. Several of the individuals he was guarding are now dismissing the insurgency as a protest, or worse, calling the terrorists “tourists.”

Officer Fanone was far from alone in giving poignant testimony yesterday. Other police spoke out about the prejudice they experienced, stating it was the first time they had been shouted racial insults while wearing their uniforms. According to one officer, January 6 was the most horrific day of his life, even more so than any day he spent serving in Iraq.

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