Officer Makes The Special Need Boy’s Dream Come True.

Blaize Richards of Louisiana is mentally disabled and autistic. For so many years it was his dream to become a police officer. So before he turned 18, his mom, Angie, contacted the Jennings, Louisiana Police Department and asked if they could do something special for him on his birthday.

So, on Blaize’s birthday, July 28, some police officers made a visit to his home, and presented him with his very own police uniform. A short time later, the young man was able to visit the police department and talk to some of the officers. Then, Officer Mike Hill took Blaize under his wing, with plenty of visits to the family home.

Says mom Angie: “He calls Blaize his back-up. He just comes and checks on him. It really makes Blaize’s day. I think Mike enjoys it just as much as Blaize does.”

And the department itself could not be prouder of Mike for taking a strong interest in Blaize. Says Police Chief Tod D’Albor: “He’s one of the highly respected officers in my department because of the things that he does, and he goes above and beyond.”

Officer Hill won the department’s Officer of the Year award, and Blaize was named an honorary police officer with the department.

Added the chief: “My police officers embrace what it’s about, which is to serve the community, not just protect it. When you touch a life, that’s what it’s all about.” 

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