Officer Takes 8-Year-Old Girl to Daddy-Daughter School Dance After Her Father Dies

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, and it alters our lives until the end of time. Nick Harvey, a school police resource officer in Van Buren, Arkansas, sought to make a little girl who had lost her dad feel special by taking her to a dad-daughter dance.

It only takes a single thoughtful gesture to brighten someone’s day, and Nick had no one to accompany him to the annual father-daughter dance. He stated that he was looking forward to the occasion yet had no one to accompany him. The answer came when Van Buren’s police chief recommended to his school resource officers that they bring children without dads to the annual father-daughter dance.

Nick identified an ideal candidate to take out after talking with the school’s guidance counselor: a little girl whose father had recently died. Avey Cox, a second-grader, lost her father in January of this year. Angelia Cox, Cox’s mother, expressed that they were incredibly close. Avey wanted to go to the dance but had no one to take her.

Nick wasted no time in preparing for his and Avey’s special night because he wanted everything to be flawless. He also hired a Hummer limousine with five other fathers to make Avey feel like a genuine princess!

He explained that he got a new tie and handkerchief to go with Avey’s outfit, and he ordered a corsage. Every time he saw her at school, she’d tell him how many days till the dance.

Avey and Nick had a nice time together after the dance and enjoyed ice cream. The finest part of their evening, according to Nick, was sharing ice cream with Avey. Nick explained that another little girl in our party asked whether he is her dad to which Avey replied no, he is their school resource officer. Nick glanced at Avey and replied, well, tonight, he is her father.

Avey hasn’t been able to stop smiling since the dance. Dealing with the death of a parent is difficult for anybody, particularly children. Nick’s gesture of goodwill has assisted Avey deal with her loss, and she hasn’t stopped smiling since the dance, according to her mother!

Nick remarked that he knows she’s not his child, but for a few hours it seemed like she was. He even gets to swirl her around. Through it all, they have actually become great friends.

Van Buren School District posted on Facebook, “We have the BEST School Resource Officers!” in honor of Nick’s incredible gestation. We couldn’t be more in agreement! Nick, on the other hand, has stated that he would like to take Avey to future father-daughter activities.

Avey’s mother acknowledged that it was really a bright point in a difficult month. Avey continues claiming that was the finest night of his life. Avey enjoyed a really special evening thanks to Nick, which she will remember for a long time!

Watch the video below to witness Nick and Avey discuss their fun time together, and don’t forget to share this incredible story with your loved ones.

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