Old Veteran Asks This Stranger For Direction To Get Back Home.

Source: Facebook

This is 83-year-old Gerald, who was out for a nice Thursday night drive, when he became lost around 9:30 pm. Gerald found himself lost in the twisty county backroads of Fairfield, before stopping at Michael’s house to ask for directions.

Michael’s family did the right thing and called us at the Sheriff’s Office for help. When deputies arrived and spoke with Gerald, they learned he did not have a cell phone and could not provide any phone numbers for family members who could help him out of his predicament.

Michael graciously stepped up to the plate and offered to drive Gerald and his vehicle back to his home in the city of Fairfield. Deputies were happy to follow the pair back to Gerald’s home and in turn provided Michael with a ride back home.

We salute Michael for his selfless actions, which helped this Navy veteran get back to his home.

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