Old Woman’s Thank You Note To A Student Who Taught Her Computer Will Melt Your Hearts.

While most of us don’t even think twice about using a computer or the Internet, some folks struggle, and many of those who struggle with it are elderly people, who just never really picked up on it.

In Ypsilanti, Michigan, Rayvon Williams goes to the senior center to teach the elderly those skills. Rayvon is a student at Eastern Michigan University and he enjoys helping the elderly with computers and the Internet.

One day, he received a note from one of them, named Hilli Hockett. And she wrote it on the Microsoft Word program that he taught her about.

It read: Dear Ray, Thank you will all my heart (and more, if possible) for the wonderful gift of music You have given me (obviously haven’t quite mastered the intricacies of Word yet).

I spent all last night searching YouTube and “subscribing” to stuff I hadn’t heard in years except in my mind (as well as some comedy routines that never fail to crack me up).

Again, with all my heart (I could use on of those little emojis righ5t now!),

Love, P.S. And I even get to WATCH them!! How could I ask for more!?! P.P.S. And there are several versions of many of them – be still my heart!!

Rayvon greatly appreciated the letter, and he said, “Seniors they have a huge interest to use technology but they don’t know how to use it or nobody is there to show them how to use it.”

But for Hilli and others, it has been great to learn about it.

Added Hilli: “This is a gift of immeasurable worth. Wonderful!” 

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