On The Highway Man Puts His Life In Danger To Save The Scared Girl.

16-year-old Athena Martini has a mystery angel. She’s just sure of it. She had recently earned her driver’s licence and was driving down an interstate in North Carolina when her car was hit by another. It knocked Athena’s car over and put it in the direct path of oncoming vehicles.

She was stuck in the wrecked car, and she was so worried another car would run into her and she called her mom, Danielle, in tears. But within a minute or two, she heard a voice telling her that everything would be just fine. That voice was from a man who had witnessed the accident and pulled over to help with whatever he could. He told Athena that he was a minister.

Danielle called him an “angel.” He stood in front of Athena’s car protecting her, making sure no other driver would hit her.

Says Danielle: “He put his life in danger, and for a complete stranger. He would be there to protect her and as long as he was there, nobody would hit her again.”

When paramedics arrived and Athena was safe, the mystery minister disappeared. And no one knows who he was. Fortunately, the young girl escaped the crash with very minor injuries… some bruises and bumps.

Says Danielle of the minister: “I just want to hug him because he was truly put in the right place at the right time.”

So if anyone out there knows who this minister was, please let him know that he probably has a few hugs and some kind words waiting for him.

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