One Legged Road Cleaner Hailed As A Hero For His Diligence At Work.

How dedicated are you with your job? and here are 5 stories of workers who are truly dedicated to their jobs.

1. In Xi’an, China, a 46-year-old sanitation employee has worked for 12 years and never taken a day off. And while that’s pretty darned impressive in its own right, Shang Wuyi has done his job with only one leg. And, he’s deaf and mute.

Despite his disabilities, he has always had passion for his work. His shift starts at 4 a.m. and he sweeps the streets with the help of a walking stick. And his wife of 21 years, a sanitation worker as well, is always by his side.

2. In Weslaco, Texas, 45-year-old Rene Ayala mows his 10 acres of property with a push mower. Only Rena PULLS it… with his motorized wheelchair. Rene lost all his limbs in a fire 22 years ago, and since then, he has not asked for help from anyone… his pride won’t let him.

Says Rene: “God gave me the biggest blessing I could ever ask for.”

He was referring to his family, one of whom posted a video of Rene working to mow his property.

When the video was posted to Facebook, a man in San Antonio spotted it and bought Rene a riding mower. And Rene, as proud as he was, accepted it, and was very grateful.

I can sure use a riding lawnmower or a tractor because my wheelchair is really taking a beating… can’t say I don’t do nothing

Posted by Rene Ayala on Wednesday, 13 December 2017

3. 9-year-old Jiang was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 2. And ever since he’s been in school, his 76-year-old grandmother has been pushing him every step of the way… literally.

Shi Yuying pushes the young, wheelchair-bound boy two miles every day to school. Then she walks back home. A short time later in the day, she walks to the school again to retrieve him and pushes him back home. It’s a job she relishes.

And when Jiang is home, his grandmother massages his limbs and give him many herbal medicines, hoping to help his condition. She loves her grandson, and is truly dedicated to him.

4. 55-year-old Xu Yuehua lost both of her legs in a train accident when she was 12. But in the many years since then, she has taken on a role to help severely handicapped children. She actually has adopted 138 of them.

She was determined not to lie in bed the rest of her life after the accident, which claimed her mother’s life. So she challenged herself and learned to get around without the aid of prosthetics or even crutches.

Xu encourages all of her many children to look beyond their limitations and to do all they can and more with their abilities.

5. Loraine Maurer works at a McDonald’s restaurant in Evansville, Indiana. She has been at that same McDonald’s for the past 44 years, coming into work at 5 in the morning to get things going.

Now, 44 years with the same place is a lot of dedication, but, perhaps even a little more so since Loraine started with the company when she was 50. And the 94-year-old Loraine is still going strong, serving up breakfast at McDonald’s most every morning. 

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