Paralyzed Athlete Who Has Only 3% Chance Of Walking Again Becomes An Inspiration.

Hal Hargrave was a star athlete at his high school in Claremont, California. Then, tragedy struck. Hal was involved in a serious car crash that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors gave him a 3 percent chance of ever walking again.

But that’s 3 percent that Hal took… and ran with. He began the slow process of rehabilitation. The father of one of Hal’s friends owned a gym and he converted its racquetball court into a clinic for those who were paralyzed.

Within 18 months, it took on 60 clients with all types of paralysis. And that clinic is doing wonders for Hal and others. Hal is now driving again with a special car. And one day he hopes to have enough mobility to live on his own and start a family. And maybe one day, pretty soon he can think about that 3 percent thing… and smile. 

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