Parent Took Online Wondering Whether They’re Indeed A Jerk For Letting Their 22-Year-Old Bring Fast Food To A Wedding.

Weddings are one of life’s most beautiful events. Weddings are supposed to have music, parties, and food. As wedding guests, one respectfully accepts what is served. This is not the case in the wedding story below. Read the story to know what happened in this wedding and how would you deal with such a situation?

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My son (22m) is a picky eater. My cousin was getting married and had a lovely reception with a nice buffet. “Johnny” wasn’t a fan of what was served so I let him leave and get some food. Word spread amongst our family where he was going and a few people asked him to bring things back so he did.

We are at a table near the dance floor and you could probably smell it there but nobody in our immediate family had a chance problem (even the bride and groom).

Apparently the venue and the family of the bride were appalled and I don’t understand why. It was a great party but he wanted something different and other people did too.

So Am I A Jerk ?


 He’s 22 years old and in college. He has no medical issues; he just has a limited palate.

When I said “let” I meant, let him take my car since we all rode together.

Further edit: the food was served buffet style: a nice soup, salad, tenderloin, bbq beef, pasta, a few other selections. It was actually really good for wedding food.

Everyone else who partook in the fast food did so because, well, it was there and tasted good. They didn’t have a problem with the venue’s food.

Also, as some people said, one or two chicken bones did end up on the floor in the venue. That was unfortunate.

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