Parents Agreed To Switch Off His Ventilator Then Occurred A Real Miracle.

Little Dylan Askin suffered from a rare form of lung cancer. Terrible cysts covered 80 percent of his lungs and they kept collapsing, and eventually, he was put on a ventilator to breathe. His kidneys were not functioning and there was internal bleeding. He was just a little boy… not even three yet. And now…there was a horrible decision to be made by his parents.

Yeah, you know the one… when someone you love dearly is hooked up to a machine and there doesn’t seem to be any hope…and hope was something the doctors at Nottingham University Hospital just could not give the family. None at all.

Dylan’s dad, Mike, wanted to leave that ventilator on… holding out for the impossible… that once-in-a-lifetime miracle that could come around…and well, maybe…and save his son. Maybe. He held onto that hope…and he held on tight. But Dylan’s mom, Kerry, could not stand to see her little blond-haired boy suffer any more. And, although it killed her inside, she wanted his pain and suffering to stop. She wanted that ventilator shut off.

It was Easter of last year when the rest of the family gathered at the hospital… his older brother, his grandparents, some aunts and cousins, and the priest who had baptized him some months earlier. They were saying their goodbyes and telling him they loved him.

With tears in his eyes and his heart breaking, his grandfather knelt down by his side and told him he would buy him a bunch of candy if he would hurry and get better. Suddenly just after that, doctors burst into the room and told the family that some very strange results had just come back on Dylan’s most recent blood tests. The family was understandably shocked… but in a very good way. And the doctors kept treating Dylan, and he kept responding to antibiotics. In a week’s time, he was taken off the ventilator.

And now, Dylan is enjoying life just like every other rambunctious little kid. Mom Kerry has some guilt about wanting to switch off that ventilator, but I’m sure the thrill of having her son still with her far outweighs that.

I’d like to think Dylan’s own grandfather promising to buy him some candy had a lot to do with his miraculous recovery. Well, that’s what I’m holding onto with this one, although I do have a strange feeling there might have been something else a little more higher up that intervened.

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