Parents Allegedly Killed Calif. Boy, 1, Then Showed Up to Family Function While Leaving Body in Car.

The family of a California couple accused of murdering their 1-year-old son is still hurting from their unanticipated loss days later. Leslie Mendez, Jamari Mendez’s aunt, explained that everyone is upset. They had no idea their own blood would do this to his own child.

Jamari’s parents, Ricardo Mendez, 27, and Antanita Miller, 24, were detained on Tuesday by Barstow police. As per prison records, both have been charged with torment, child abuse, and murder.

Leslie claimed her brother Ricardo and Miller abruptly showed up to a family house in Pomona, Calif., with their other 2 kids the day before their arrests. Jamari was supposed to be with Miller’s mother.

Leslie explained that they both strolled inside as if nothing had occurred. She claimed that Ricardo ultimately admitted to his family that Jamari was dead and that his body was in the back of their car. According to the reports, Leslie stated that she rushed to fetch her nephew.

Leslie continued that everyone flees, and he is wrapped in blankets. That’s when her two other brothers stepped in to assist her sister-in-law in removing the baby. Leslie and her sister-in-law transported Jamari’s lifeless corpse to a nearby hospital, but the boy’s parents remained behind, according to Leslie.

Despite efforts to resuscitate him, Jamari was declared dead on arrival at the hospital, and police were called in to investigate his unusual death, according to a news release from the Barstow Police Department.

According to detectives, his wounds were consistent with continuing maltreatment. Jamari’s body was covered with “lesions, bruises, and burn marks,” with some of the injuries seeming to be in various stages of healing, according to authorities.

Jamari is thought to have died at his house in Barstow before arriving in Pomona. Investigators claimed they uncovered proof of things used in Jamari’s alleged abuse, including a torch lighter, during their search of the couple’s home and car.

Ricardo and Miller are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. It was unclear if the pair had hired counsel or entered pleas.

Meanwhile, Leslie has started a GoFundMe effort to raise money for the murdered toddler’s burial expenses.

May the little soul rest in peace. 

Please share this sad story to let people realise that children are a gift of God so value and treasure them.

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