Parents End Life Support Of Their Dying Son Didn’t Expect This Miracle.

Life is an amazing thing… wouldn’t you agree. And we love to see our children so full of life. But some families have to make some tough decisions when it comes to the lives of their children. And sometimes, miracles happen, and here are 7 stories of babies on life support who made amazing recoveries.

1. 2-year-old Dylan Askin of Derby was suffering with a rare form of lung cancer and he was in very bad shape in the hospital. His condition was so bad, that the little boy was in a coma, and his family, completely heartbroken, had just made that terrible, terrible decision that families have to make… they sadly agreed to have his life support turned off.

Then as doctors were preparing to do just that, Dylan opened his eyes. He was awake and alert. The doctors were stunned. Dylan’s family was shocked, but thrilled.

And, in a short time, Dylan regained his strength and went home with his parents, who claim that what had happened with their son was nothing short of a miracle.

2. Little Bella Moore-Williams was only 18 months old and suffered terribly with a genetic disease. Doctors told her parents she absolutely would not survive. When she got worse, she was sedated and put on life support, and her parents soon made that heart-wrenching decision to have it turned off.

30 minutes later, as Bella’s parents were weeping nearby, little Bella started kicking and screaming, and fighting for her life. Everything changed then, as doctors started doing everything they could to save her life. And they did, because Bella WAS NOT ready to go.

A few months later, Bella celebrated her second birthday, and her parents couldn’t be happier.

3. Harrison was only a few weeks old when meningitis started ravaging his little body. And soon, he was just clinging to life. His shocked parents could only watch in horror as their little boy was hooked up to life-support. And they prepared for those final moments.

But Harrison started breathing on his own, and made a miraculous recovery. And he continued to recover.

And now, that little baby who was once barely clinging to life, is 5 years old… and doing just fine.

4. Sarah knew something was wrong with her 2-week-old baby, Ellis, so she took her to her doctor. And that doctor immediately sent Ellis to the emergency room, as her condition continued to deteriorate. She was hooked up to life-support and doctors told Sarah that her baby was not going to survive.

Sarah ran to a hospital bathroom, overcome with emotion. And she prayed, pleading with God not to take her little baby girl. When she returned, doctors told her she would soon have to make that terrible decision.

But just about then, the little girl started breathing on her own. Her little girl was going to be Ok. The Doctors and nurses were stunned. But Sarah knew exactly who heard her when she wept in the bathroom.

5. Six-month-old Lillie went unconscious in her crib at home and when she was rushed to the hospital, doctors there put her on life support. And for 10 agonizing days for her parents, Lillie was in a coma. And doctors gave her no chance of coming back. That horrible decision was made, and when little Lillie was unhooked, her mother had no strength left in her to hold her.

So her father took her up in his arms. He didn’t want her to die alone. And as the family painfully waited for her little body to go limp, something amazing happened. She started breathing on her own, and then she cried. And those cries were the most beautiful sound her parents had ever heard. Lillie was going to be just fine.

6. In Kent, England, little Theo started having breathing problems almost as soon as he was born. So he was put in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Doctors could have put him on normal life support but they decided to do something else. They put him in a state of hypothermia by wrapping him in a very cold bubble freezer bag.

It actually WAS a type of life-support, but not the typical kind most think about. The cooling prevented any brain damage and possible future disabilities. And, after three days, doctors warmed him up again.

And now, Theo, is just like any other rambunctious little boy.

7. In January of 2016, two little twin girls were born to 23-year-old Lauren Smith of England. But they were born very prematurely at 25 weeks and had what doctors called twin-transfusion syndrome. Both of the little girls – Elouise and Ava – had to be put on life support.

After 18 hours, doctors advised the parents to turn off the life-support for Elouise because she weighed less than a pound. A month later, doctors advised the parents to turn off the life-support for Ava. But they refused. And for the next few months, Ava fought hard to survive. But survive she did. After four months, Ava was well enough to finally go home with her parents.

Says mom Lauren: “Ava never stopped fighting – she was put through a lot but never gave up and we are so proud of her for that.” 

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