Parents Furious Their 16 Y.O. Straight Up Refuses To Divide Up His Late Aunt’s Inheritance With 4 Other Siblings.

Money is the source of all evil in our world. Or the foundation of any other objective morality idea. People may do a lot of things when they inherit money, and it’s all because that cold hard cash makes people lose their minds. A teen shared how his inheritance caused a major squabble with his parents, who demanded he split it with his four other siblings. Read the story below and what do you think the teen should do?

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My dad died when I (16m) was a baby. My mom remarried when I was 4 or maybe 5. I don’t really remember a time my stepdad wasn’t around, though that’s not a very good thing. He’s a crappy stepdad and a crappy dad to my siblings (stepsister who is 15, brother who is 10, sister who is 9 and brother who is 7). My mom stays with him though and just let’s him not be involved or even nice to his own kids because she doesn’t want to be alone.

My dad’s family has been in my life always and am very close to them all. My dad’s only sister and I were extra close though. She adored me and always told me I was just like my dad and he was the best man she knew. She said he would be so proud of me. She died a few months ago and left the bulk of everything to me, which she had a lot of assets.

My mom and stepdad were annoyed when they heard because she left my cousins all something even if not as much as me,, but nothing for my stepsister or siblings who they considered her their aunt as well (dad’s family has included them in some stuff to be nice but they’re not considered grandkids or anything like that).

My mom told me what I got should be split equally between us all. I said it shouldn’t because my aunt wanted stuff left to me. She told me if I asked my grandparents to give me access to the money now, that they would, and that we could all benefit from it. I told her they would do that but I’m not going to ask. My stepdad told me my siblings will now realize we (me and my paternal family) hate them and don’t want them and they will see what a shitty brother I am and what a good sister his daughter is (she actually hates our siblings and has never had a good relationship with them). Mom told me I was hogging more than I would ever need and not thinking of their futures. Am I Wrong? What should I do?

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