Parents Lost 3 Children in Tragic Accident — Six Months Later They Were Expecting Triplets

When Chris and Lori endured the unspeakable anguish of losing their three wonderful kids, they felt there would never be anything but grief and misery. But then something incredible happened, which will leave you with chills.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Lori Coble was sitting in traffic in the family’s minivan with Kyle, his sisters Emma (4 and Katie 2), and Lori’s mother Cindy in May 2007, just one day after Kyle’s 5th birthday, when a 20-tonne truck traveling at over 90km/h smashed into the rear of their van.

Lori and her husband Chris were forced into an unfathomable future of loss and suffering after their three lovely kids were killed in a horrible and violent tragedy.

Lori and Chris were expecting their second child just six months later. This time, they had triplets-one boy and two girls.

Lori, her mother, and the kids were on their way home before nap time after doing some shopping that included a trip on a ferris wheel at a nearby mall and a visit to a pet store. Lori turned to find Katie starting to drop asleep, and in an effort to keep her awake, Lori tickled her darling baby’s toes, and that’s when her entire world flipped upside down.

Lori was knocked unconscious and all three of her kids were seriously wounded when a vehicle smashed into the rear of her car. Emergency personnel on the scene had to divide up the family to provide them the medical assistance they required. Cindy and Lori visited one hospital, Kyle and Katie visited another, and Emma visited a third.

When the incident occurred at work, Chris was contacted by the authorities and went directly to the nearest hospital, where his wife and mother-in-law were.

Chris explained what happened next in an interview with Oprah in 2011: “‘I’m sorry, but Katie has died,’ a doctor said. After a few minutes, they informed him that the doctor from Saddleback Hospital had called. When he answered the phone, the first thing he said was, Please tell him Emma is alive. ‘I’m sorry, but Emma has passed away,’ he remarked” Chris states.

He had just hung up the phone. He couldn’t imagine it was happening to him.

Chris then raced to the hospital where his son Kyle was being treated, but his hopes were shattered when doctors informed him that Kyle’s brain had been taking no oxygen and that he should be taken off life support.

Lori was taken to bid farewell to her kid despite her own wounds.

Chris informs Oprah: “He’s had to go to be with his sisters now, his sisters are expecting him.” his wife says, rising out of the wheelchair as best she can.”

They turned off life support, and the machinery and the room went dark. He applied pressure on his chest until his heart stopped beating. And then he was gone.

Chris and Lori’s family was concerned about the pair as they approached life in their once-raucous home, which now stood silent.

Lori’s mother, Cindy, explained that one day Cindy went over to their house as Lori wasn’t answering the phone and she started to fear. Maybe they’re going to hurt themselves, because she knew how much anguish she was in losing her grandkids.

And, despite the fact that life was nearly unbearably awful, destiny had other ideas for Chris and Lori’s house.

Lori gave birth to triplets – Ashley, Ellie, and Jake – almost precisely one year after Kyle, Emma, and Katie died.

Lori and Chris are aware that their new family will never be able to replace the kids they lost, but Ashley, Ellie, and Jake have clearly contributed to bringing pleasure back into their life.

Lori explains that they’ll never be able to replace Kyle, Emma, and Katie. She believes it’s a miracle. Kyle, Emma, and Katie, she believes, had a hand in this. She believes they aided them and made this feasible.

Chris agrees that your mind can’t even think differently. If you believe they’re someplace looking over you, guarding you, and something like this occurs, it’s difficult to believe they weren’t engaged in its creation.

Since the disaster, Chris, Lori, and their families have taken on America’s trucking industry in an attempt to guarantee that what occurred to them never occurs to anyone else. They also demanded that the state make the road where the accident occurred, which includes a blind spot, much safer.

The pair wants the United States to follow the same legislation as Europe and many other nations, which mandate onboard computers in trucks to track their speed and position via a GPS system.

Chris Coble stated this has drastically reduced truck mortality in other nations. He would like to ask politicians and everyone else, why can’t they have that same policy in this country? They are well behind schedule.

Remarkably, the couple has forgiven the truck driver, Jorge Romero, a father of three himself.

Lori and Chris first encountered Romero during his trial, when he was found guilty on three counts of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to a year in prison.

Chris describes Mr Romero as “a very kind-hearted, sensitive person.”

“You could be tempted to criticize someone just by recounting this narrative, there’s somebody behind the wheel, and while they shared some of the culpability in this catastrophe, he just felt utterly dreadful.”

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