Parents Put Their Baby Girl To Sleep, Then Hear Whispering Over The Baby Monitor.

Kathryn and Caleb Whitt always put their 2-year-old daughter, Sutton, to bed after saying nightly prayers with her. It was a family tradition they wanted their little girl involved in on a regular basis.


But one night, they put her to bed without saying the prayers. An hour later, they heard some whispering coming from the overhead video baby monitor by Sutton’s bed. Could it be a stranger in her room? Well, that would be horrifying. Was it possibly the sound of a ghost? Hmmm… That too would be cause for alarm.


Yes, it certainly sounded strange at first, but after just a minute, they recognized that is was actually Sutton talking, and she was saying the prayers that she was not able to say with her family earlier. The little girl, even at 2 years old, recognized that saying her prayers was something to be done every night before going to sleep. So she prayed for her parents, her grandparents and all her little friends. And she even threw in an extra prayer for Santa Claus. It was an adorable moment from a special, little girl, and her parents could not be any prouder.

Watch the adorable video, which has been viewed well over a million times. What she says is sure to melt your heart!

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