Passenger Sues Airline Employee Who Took Her Number From Her Luggage Tag And Sent Her Creepy Texts

According to a complaint, an American Airlines employee obtained a passenger’s baggage tag number before following her aboard a trip and harassing her with more than 100 creepy text messages.

Ashley Barno claims the employee, only known as Ahmad, told her she looked “beautiful in her gray top” and described how he acquired her name, phone number, and address from the data on her carry-on bag.

The terrifying texts continue, showing how the worker then joined her on her journey from San Diego International Airport to Chicago O’Hare in April last year, informing her, he is on board now and whether she is  going to Chicago as well?

He is then reported to have promised a concerned Ashley that he could arrange her free flights and lounge access, asking, will she join him? He likes her a lot and wants to come with her.

According to the complaint, the employee, who was not on work for American at the time, initially messaged Ashley, asking how she was. Ashley responded to the unknown phone by saying, sorry, she is not sure who this is.

Ashley expressed that the entire time she kept asking who he was and how he found out who she was. How did he acquire her contact information?

Simply realising he knew what she looked like, and that they were on an enclosed plane with no way out, really, really worried her. He had too much data on individuals, and what he did was not OK, and it was just unacceptable.

Ashley claimed she ordered Ahmad to leave her alone, but he persisted, saying, it’s up to her, but friendship with him will be really good for her. He can always get her amazing seats, lounge access, and complimentary drinks.

She informed a flight attendant about the messages, and Ahmad was greeted by corporate representatives at the Chicago airport.

The flight attendant is claimed to have told Barno that this was not his first time doing something like this.

Ashley is now suing the airline for wrongful recruitment, inappropriate behaviour, and other allegations. According to the complaint, American Airlines “knew of its employee’s proclivity to improperly contact its clients yet continued to employ him.”

She continues that American Airlines did not perform a proper job of employing and monitoring personnel to protect its customers from sexual harassment and stalking.

Ashley continued that she got off the aircraft and phoned her sister, and was weeping excessively because as she felt naked in a public place.

According to an American Airlines representative, the company takes the security and well being of our passengers highly. They stated that they examined the claims and took necessary action. The employee who filed the complaint no longer works for American Airlines.

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