Pastor Rescued Woman’s Casket Unearthed During The Storm.

Pastors can do a lot of good work for their communities and they can also go far above what is expected of them. Here are 8 pastors who were truly touched by an angel.

1. When floodwaters hit the town of Summerville in South Carolina, coffins started popping up from their burial grounds.

As one family watched their loved one’s casket float away, Pastor Wayne Reeves waded into the waist-deep waters and walked about 300 yards to retrieve the woman’s casket.

It was quite the dramatic rescue of a cherished family member.

2. As we all know, pastors are in the saving business. Sometimes, by doing so, they actually save themselves.

Pastor Tim Jones invited Don Herbert to sing at his church. A short time later, the pastor pulled up Don’s Facebook page and discovered he was in desperate need for a kidney. So the pastor went to see if he was a match. He was!

On the day of the operation, as doctors were preparing to remove one of Pastor Tim’s kidneys, they noticed an aneurysm, something that would have killed him, if not dealt with.

The pastor’s own act of kindness to save someone’s life resulted in him saving his own life as well.

3. We typically think of Catholic priests as, well, pretty stiff dudes. But Father Pat is a really cool guy; so much so that when asked by the couple he wed if he would take a selfie of them and the wedding crowd, he happily obliged, with that big selfie stick and all.

Really. Now how cool is that?

4. Pastor Robert Gelinas of Denver goes literally by James 1:27 in the Bible regarding caring for the orphan. He and his wife have adopted five children and have room for one more.

By heading Project 1.27, in reference to the Bible verse, the pastor’s mission is to make sure all children in the Colorado foster system are placed in homes.

At one time, there were 875 children waiting in the system. The pastor got that number down to zero.

5. In Gibson County, Tennessee, Pastor Joey Hufstedler was preparing to go to work in the early morning. But something prodded him to start that walk even a little earlier than usual… by about 15 minutes. As he walked, he noticed flames shooting out of a house, so he went up to the house and banged loudly on the door.

Kevin Smith and his family were asleep. Their fire alarms didn’t go off, but they were awakened by the loud banging by Pastor Joey. So they quickly made it out of the house, and Kevin credits Pastor Joey with saving his family.

And Pastor Joey credits that mysterious nudging (hmmmm…) to leave for work early with putting him in the right place at the right time.

6. A Christian pastor who also works as a diamond minor found a whopper … a 706-carat diamond believed to be the 10th largest ever found.

Pastor Emmanuel Momoh found it and turned it over to the Sierra Leone government in West Africa, in hopes it would help the country.

The president thanked him for not smuggling it out of the country and vowed to use it for good. He also pledged to give the pastor a portion of the proceeds from the sale of it.

7. A German-born priest acquired Filipino citizenship and was bestowed the St. Teresa Award for his work in providing housing to the poor.

Father Leo Schmitt is 88, but has lived in the Phillippines for more than 60 years as a parish priest. Through a foundation he created, more than 1,000 families have been housed.

8. A Korean pastor has devised something that means a lot to him. It’s his Baby in a Box. It’s a drop box attached to the side of his home that takes in abandoned babies, many of whom are physically or mentally handicapped or just unwanted by their mothers.

When someone puts a baby into the box, a bell rings to alert Pastor Jong-rak or his associates. A documentary film has been made about the pastor and his drop box, called, “The Drop Box.” 

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