Patients Prescribed With Antidepressants Were Handled Differently By This Pharmacist.

Source: Reddit

I work in a pharmacy and we obviously deal with a lot of prescriptions for all sorts of medical conditions, and although I am nice to everyone who comes in, I always make sure I’m extra nice to people who are picking up meds for anything marked for depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses.

My colleagues have noticed this and asked me why I’m always so nice to certain patients – and although I know everyone could do with a compliment like ‘I love your hair’ or ‘that’s a really nice top, where did you get it?’ I always feel those who have mental illnesses could use the extra pick me up. As someone who has battled with mental illness myself, I know I always appreciate the niceties and want to pass this on to other people. My colleagues have called me weird for doing this, but the patients always seem to appreciate it. Would you say this is wrong or strange to do?

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