Perfect Response Of A Housewife When He Embarrassed Her In Front Of His Co-Workers.

In a married life the most important aspects are love, care, trust, communication and most importantly respect. One must respect their spouse in the choices or what they do. In this story an argument took place between a couple after their guest left. Read the story and let us know was the wife right in expressing her views.

Source: Reddit

My husband invited his new coworkers over for dinner. When they arrived he introduced me by gesturing at me and saying “this is Mrs Smith (didn’t even say my name)…the housewife!”.

I looked at him for a second then I started laughing hysterically. I then said “no honey I work full time and YES I still act like a housewife when I’m home because you simply can’t bother to help”. His co-workers were staring at him as he tried to laugh and change the subject and ask what they wanted to drink.

Dinner went super awkward with him giving me looks and stares. Once the guests left he blew up saying I embarrassed him by laughing like a lunatic and then making the comment I made in front of his new coworkers and ruining his image. I told him he was wrong to lie about my status and deny my degree to begin with. He said I could’ve talked to him about it privately later but not like this, and made his coworkers think he’s useless. He stormed off and has been quiet the entire night. Was I out of line? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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