Pet Chicken Changed Man’s Life After He Was Shattered With His Dog’s Death.

Lots of people have chickens. But not lots of people have a PET chicken. Dave Cox does, though. 43-year-old Dave, of Destin, Florida, will often take his year-old Rhode Island hen named Sammi to the beach with him.

Last year, Dave’s longtime K-9 companion, Cort, died. The two were extremely close and Dave was just heartbroken with Cort’s passing. He just couldn’t bring himself to replace his friend with another dog.

Yet, something – even Dave can’t explain WHAT – compelled him to consider Sammi the hen as a new friend in the animal world. Dave bought Sammi at a feed store when she was only 3 days old, and as she grew, she started going everywhere with him.

With Dave taking Sammi so many different places, she sure gets lots of attention, and a lot of people want to have their pictures taken with her and later post those pictures on social media. Dave even created an Instagram account for the hen, and now Sammi has thousands of fans.

Says Dave: “She’s my companion. We’ve bonded and — with a lot of patience and remembering her brain is the size of a pea…— we have learned a lot about each other.”

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