Pig Saves Her Dying Owner With A Commendable Trick.

10 stories of hero pigs.

1. In 1998, long before internet sensations became internet sensations, Jo Ann and Jack Altsman of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, had an extremely close bond with their pot-bellied pig Lulu.

One day, Jack was out of town on a fishing trip and Jo Ann suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the floor. Lulu, sensing the grave danger to her beloved Jo Ann, rushed outside, tearing her own skin, and plopped down in the middle of the road to stop any motorists.

It worked. A driver stopped and Lulu, playing possum, got up and led him back to her house. The driver could see Jo Ann was in bad shape so he called 911. She was taken to the hospital and had open-heart surgery. If not for Lulu, the doctors said Jo Ann would have died.

2. When fire broke out early one morning at Ina Farler’s home, her life and the lives of her two grandchildren were in peril. Fortunately for all of them, Lucky, their pet pig, ran through the house squealing loudly and jumping up and down.

The commotion woke all of them up and they were all able to get out of the house to safety.

3. King Neptune was a fat hereford swine, and back in 1942, his owner gave him up to a Navy recruiter who was to use the pig to feast upon during a fundraising event for the Navy.

But once in his possession, that recruiter realized he couldn’t slaughter what he called “an innocent looking thing.” So he thought he could use King Neptune as a mascot, and he took him to auction.

People started pledging war bonds to him. So he took him to another auction and by the third auction, King Neptune had raised about $50,000 in war bonds. No one ever wanted to actually eat the portly pork.

In 1943, the Illinois governor, Dwight Green paid a million dollars on behalf of King Neptune. When the war had ended, King Neptune had raised more than $19 million for the Navy, which, by today’s standards, would be about $250 million.

The King died in 1950, just a few days shy of his eighth birthday. He was given a Navy funeral with full military honors.

4. Some people require animals to help them get through anxiety. Recently, an airport in San Francisco put together a wag brigade, consisting of a bunch of animals, including Lilou the pig.

Lilou even wears a vest that says Pet Me, and travelers, especially nervous ones about to board flights, are encouraged to interact with Lilou.

5. Pumba and Boris like to make others happy. That’s why their owner, Erin Burgardt, likes to take them to nursing homes and let them mingle with all the residents there.

Says Erin: “They go up to anyone holding a carrot. They really love all the attention they get here.”

Many of the residents in the homes have Alzheimer’s and often don’t remember previous visits by the friendly pigs. But after a minute or so, they warm up to them all over again. And that’s always a special moment for everyone.

6. In Derby, England, Mike Maughan had a 240-pound pot-bellied pig named Ludwig.

One night, burglars broke into Mike’s house while he was out on New Year’s Eve, and Ludwig came at them… scaring them right back OUT of the house. Because of this, Mike has vowed never to eat pork again.

7. Alexandrea Comstock suffers from muscular dystrophy, and at one very bleak moment in her life, she knew she had to have a pig or she was not going to make it much further in life.

So, she bought one, and all those dark thoughts that had been in her head… disappeared. And she has Hammy, an emotional support animal, to thank for that.

8. Ever hear that saying, “When pigs fly…” Of course you have. And actually, they DO. At least Hamlet the pig does when his owner, Megan Peabody, takes him on flights with her.

28-year-old Megan has an extreme fear of flying and has had Hamlet fly with her since he was 8 weeks old. His presence as an emotional support animal calms Megan plenty.

9. Blue lives with her owner, Jahaira Zamora, in Wellington, Florida, and aside from being a great comfort to Jahaira, Blue provides therapy work at a local nursing home and is… something of a diva, who loves to play dress-up.

Residents are overcome with joy when Blue shows up to visit them because she’s… well, she’s such a ham. According to Jahaira, Blue can, on command, sit, spin, stay, bow and jump. She can EVEN give kisses. Now who wouldn’t love that???

10. Although we tend not to give them credit, pigs are incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures, with mental level comparable to 3-year-olds. They can comfort humans and each other in times of stress.

In a video, one pig is preparing to be slaughtered at a slaughter house, but another pig rushes up to rescue it, scaring the workers. The video is a bit difficult to watch, but it shows how much one pig cares for another, and is protective of it, the same might apply as the care it would have for its owner, and the protection it would offer them. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above stories… watch for more: https://youtu.be/VctVVfIZdFw

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