Pigs Who Escaped Pork Farm Finally Gets To Live A Good Life.

Jax, Flo Rida and Champ are three male pigs that were scheduled to end up as pork chops. But then, in the last days before they were to be slaughtered, Hurricane Florence ripped through the Carolinas and completely changed the fate of those three little piggys. They had to survive through all of that chaos and destruction. And now, all three of them reside at Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary in Providence, North Carolina.

Says co-founder of the sanctuary, Kristin Hartness: “They fought so hard coming out from such a horrible life before… then suffering through a storm. They have fought so hard to live.”

Yes, they fought and they survived, more than any of them will ever know. And even with that, they are some extremely loving creatures.

Adds Kristin: “They are so precious, so loving, so trusting. They are the most amazing animals you have ever seen in your life. If I were in one of their bodies, I would hate everybody and I would be the most aggressive (pig) ever. But they are all doll babies.”

Jax, Flo Rida and Champ survived through something more than 5,000 other pigs could not. Jax was found collapsed on an embankment near floodwaters. He was exhausted, with respiratory issues. And an eye infection caused blindness. Flo Rida was caught after being spotted running down a road; Champ was found hiding behind a bush, with one leg badly broken. They are all still struggling to live a normal life, but workers at the sanctuary are doing the best they can to make that happen.

Kristin believes they will all recover and live long and happy lives. But it’s kind of ironic when you think about it, the hurricane… one of the worst things that ever happened to Jax, Flo Rida and Champ… was also… one of the best. 

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