Pilot Is Stunned When His Wife Tells Why She Doesn’t Want More Than 2 Kids.

Having a free open conversation is essential in a relationship. Here in this story a boyfriend had a conversation with his girlfriend that has made him a bit shaken. Read the story and let us know if you agree with the girlfriend’s views.

Source: Reddit

My gf(26F) and I(27M) have been dating for about a year. We’ve been talking more about serious matters since I wanted to ask her to move in with me. I’m a pilot and she’s an engineer and we met through work. She is definitely the most responsible and practical girl I’ve ever met, must be the engineer in her. She is very pragmatic and very mathematical which I find very attractive.

But recently we had a conversation that I find very troubling. We were talking about having kids which she says she only wants 1 maybe 2. To be clear I don’t have an issue with that I don’t want a huge number but I casually asked why. She told me it was an amount she was comfortable raising alone if she was widowed or became a single mother.

I was shocked that she had thought of that and told her I would never leave her to raise children alone and she told me I can’t promise that plus she has worked around enough pilots to know how common cheating with colleagues or divorce are and that she would expect me to be faithful and for our relationship to be permanent but she won’t put herself in the position of relying on me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and asked her why she would date me if she assumed I was cheating.

She shrugs and tells me cheating is extremely common and all those people’s spouses don’t think their partner will cheat and they do it anyway so she would never use faith on something like that to guide her life. I just don’t know what to say and ask her if she is cynical because she’s been cheated on? She gets annoyed and says her exes were surprisingly decent people but she’s “rather learn from other people’s mistakes than her own”. I told her that it was so cold and she told me to look back on this conversation in 20 years when I’m older and wiser and realize she is right.

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