Pilot Proposal To His Girlfriend After Landing Is Worth Watching.

Paulus is a pilot with AirBaltic. And so is his girlfriend, Esmee. So one day recently, Paulus decided to do something pretty special for Esmee just after she landed the plane she had been piloting. Paulus was sitting in the Operations Control Center at the airport when he was handed the microphone to speak to her.

When he connected with her, he told her it was him, and that it was a bit early for her birthday (which was just over an hour away), but he just had to give her her birthday present. Then he told her it was actually more like a question.

He asked: “Would you marry me?”

Well, Esmee was certainly caught off guard and dropped her mic to her knees… and laughed at the person next to her taking a video of her reaction. Meanwhile, Paulus caught on real fast that she was being very quiet… because she did not keep her mic on.

So after a few quiet seconds, Esmee smiled and responded: “Yes, of course.” They both laughed and Paulus told her, “Ok, see you in a few minutes.” There were big smiles all around, and someone on Esmee’s plane congratulated her.

Paulus confirmed to someone in the operations center that she said Yes, and many applauded. Paulus put on his pilot’s jacket and headed down to meet his future bride. She smiled as the two walked up to each other in a secure area of the airport, and they hugged and kissed.

Then, Paulus got down on one knee, pulled a small box out of his inside jacket pocket, and opened it up, revealing a ring.

Esmee took the box, examined the ring closely, then kissed and hugged her future husband again. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll be flying somewhere together very soon.

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