Pilot Turns Around The Plane For The Couple To Go Meet Their Dying Grandson.

Typically, when you hear about airlines, the stories are not very favorable. But some actually go out of their way to help, and here are 10 airlines that did incredible things for their passengers.

1. An elderly couple on a plane taxiing down the runway at Manchester Airport discovered a very disconcerting message on their cell phone as they were preparing to turn it off for take-off.

Their son had texted that their grandson was in grave condition and they needed to get there immediately. When they informed a crew member, the pilot was told, and immediately turned the plane around and back to the boarding gate to let the couple exit.

The plane then continued with its flight, and the couple got to see their grandson one last time before he passed away the next day.

Etihad Airways certainly did not have to do this, but it did show its human side.

2. Christopher Hatcu, a customer service manager at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina did something very amazing and unique. He saved a person’s life. Then, that very same day just a few minutes later, he saved someone else’s life.

On January 22nd of last year, he noticed a passenger on the ground, so he did CPR on him, and was able to revive him. Just a few minutes later, another passenger collapsed in the airport terminal from a heart attack, and Christopher jumped in to help that person too.

Paramedics said neither would have survived without Christopher’s help.

3. A pregnant woman went into labor on a Turkish Airlines flight, but there was no one there to deliver the baby…. except the cabin crew. And they did an excellent job, at that.

When the unnamed mother went into labor, members of the crew jumped into action and were able to deliver a very healthy girl.

4. Peggy Uhle was on a Southwest Airlines plane as it was taxiing in Chicago for a flight to Columbus. Suddenly, the plane turned around, headed back to the gate and told Peggy she needed to get off the plane. Well, Peggy was really confused. She could only figure that she got on the wrong plane. But it turns out, there was no mistake… by anyone.

The flight crew had been informed that Peggy’s son was in a coma in Denver after suffering a severe head injury. Peggy then got on a plane to Denver and her luggage was re-routed. She even received a call from the airlines later asking her how her son was doing. He was still recovering, but Peggy certainly appreciated the airline’s concern… and what it had done for her.

5. A very aware and suspicious American Airlines employee was able to save two young girls from human trafficking at Sacramento International Airport last year.

Denice Miracle became alarmed when the teen girls approached her with first-class tickets bought by a third-party with a fraudulent credit card. Her intuition kicked in and she contacted police.

Says Denice: “I had a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right.”

And her gut saved those girls. Denice and police soon discovered the girls were offered $2,000 by a man to fly to New York, where they would “model” and be featured in music videos. The girls only knew the man, named “Drey” from Instagram.

Police were sure this method was used to lure the young girls into a sex ring. Denice was praised by police for her quick action, and the girls were reunited with their parents.

6. Kerry Drake’s mom was dying in Lubbock, Texas, so he quickly booked a United Airlines flight from San Francisco that would connect with a flight from Houston. But his flight out of Frisco was delayed and the connecting flight was the last one to Lubbock that day. Kerry was very upset. He might not get to see his mom again before she passed.

The captain of the delayed flight was informed of Kerry’s issue, so he tried to make up as much time as he could getting to Houston, but the time had already passed for that flight out to Lubbock. As Kerry was running to the gate, attendants there were waving him on… the plane had been holding just for him. And he quickly boarded the plane without even having to show his boarding pass. They knew it was him because he was frantic. And they waited for him.

Because of the kindness and consideration of the airline, Kerry was able to tell his mom goodbye just before she passed, and he said he will be forever grateful to all the airline workers who got him there.

7. Sarah Rowan is a customer service agent at Southwest Airlines’ Pittsburgh office. One day she got a call from a frantic woman named Stacy Hurt, who had just arrived in Pittsburgh on a Southwest flight from Nashville. Stacey had switched to a direct flight to make it to her chemo appointment, but her luggage was still on her previously booked connecting flight, which went back to Nashville after mechanical issues prevented it from flying.

Stacy told Sarah she needed that luggage because it contained some things she needed for the chemo appointment the next morning, including medications. Sarah promised she would track Stacey’s luggage.

When it finally arrived at around 2 a.m., Sarah looked up Stacy’s address and took the luggage to her. The next morning, the luggage was on her front porch, with a note wishing her luck at the appointment, and telling her to “kick that cancer’s butt.”

Stacy was shocked… and teared up after reading the note. She was extremely appreciative that Sarah had gone out of her way to get her the luggage.

Stacy posted about the experience on Facebook, and made sure Sarah’s boss caught it.

8. Miriam Thomas was trying to get home from a Seattle business trip when Delta Airlines canceled her ticket to Vancouver because of delays.

When Miriam checked with Alaska Airlines for a flight, the agent at the counter said “yes,” then took out her own credit card and paid for Miriam’s flight, much to the chagrin of other employee’s next to her saying “You don’t have to do that!”

But that employee, named Judy, said it was Ok, that she wanted to pay if forward. By the time Miriam realized what was going on, she was shocked.

Says Miriam: “I was boarding and I thanked her again and she hugged me. It was amazing. She didn’t need to do that at all, she took care of me.”

9. Some 500 travelers at two airports in Houston were stranded last August during a devastating hurricane that was filling the airports with heavy downpours.

Airport officials were having trouble coming up with an evacuation plan, but finally Southwest Airlines received the OK from the Federal Aviation Administration for five rescue flights to go in and rescue the stranded travelers, as well as employees.

It was a real mess, but everyone made it out of the airports safely.

10. Unless its an animal the passenger absolutely has to have with them, airlines don’t think too highly about putting them on planes. But when wildfires broke out in Alberta, Canada in 2016, 80,000 residents had to flee, and they could not just leave their pets behind.

So Canadian North and WestJet airlines went against their own rules and allowed all passengers to bring their pets with them to fly to safety.

Says a spokesperson from Canadian North: “Due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals.”

And THAT was certainly a rule worth bending.

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