Police Officers Buys A Bicycle Seeing Him Commuting To Work On Foot.

Having a job is an extremely important part of life. Unfortunately, they’re almost never in your back yard, and you need transportation to get you there and back home. Some people are extremely dedicated to their jobs, even without cars, and others notice, and here are 10 stories on the surprises some got after walking to their jobs.

1. In Roeland Park, Kansas, Samuel Meixueiro had fallen on hard times. He had lost his home, and was having to sleep in a church just walking distance from his job, so he could keep that job.

Someone had called the police on him when they believed he looked suspicious. So police stopped by and talked to him. “I’m doing the best I can,” he told them.

The officers left, but half an hour later, they returned and gave him a bike and a duffel bag for him to carry the few things he had with him. Samuel broke down and cried, thanking the officers.

One of those officer said: “It made my day. It made my career.”

2. 56-year-old James Robertson used to drive his Honda Accord to work in Michigan. But it broke down, and the factory worker was forced to walk over 10 miles to get to his job… and then another 10 miles to get back home.

For a small distance, he rides a bus, but for the most part, he walks. When 19-year-old Evan Leedy found out about this, he started a GoFundMe campaign for James with a $5,000 goal.

Incredibly $230,000 poured in from those who wanted to help. James could get practically any fancy car he wanted. But he settled for a Ford Taurus. The rest of the money will go for his future.

3. A 19-year-old, Jourdan Duncan, from Vallejo, California, would spend four hours a day walking to and from his job in Benicia, after his car broke down. He was trying to save up money from his job to buy a new car and pay for college. His dad had recently had knee surgery and could not drive, and he never asked for rides because he didn’t want to be a burden to others.

When a local police office stopped and talked to him one day, he realized that Jourdan was quite a young man, and he gave him a ride back home. During that ride, Jordan told the officer that he wanted to be a policeman some day.

A few days later, some officers from the Benecia Police Department presented Jordan with a nice mountain bike. Jourdan was shocked, and extremely appreciative to the police department.

Says Jourdan: “This bike is my best friend….I love this bike.”

4. 20-year-old Justin Korva of Rockwall, Texas, was walking about three miles to work every day. When Andy Mitchell found out about it, he and some friends got together and pitched in to help Justin out. They also set up a donation box at a pizzeria.

In just two days, Andy and his friends had collected enough to buy Justin a used car and handed over the keys to him. They also gave him a $500 gift card for gas and a year of car insurance. Needless to say, Justin was blown away, and gave a hug to Andy.

Posted by Mandi Morton Mitchell on Friday, 23 June 2017

5. For a year and a half, Derrick Taylor walked about 7 miles to his job at the UPS Customer Center in Oxford, Alabama. He didn’t have a car.

So workers there got together and chipped in to get him one. They raised enough money to buy him a Jeep Cherokee.

Says a shocked and thankful Derrick: “It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve got people around me like that.”

6. For many months, Trenton Lewis woke up at midnight to walk to his job at UPS in Little Rock, Arkansas, to make his 4 a.m. shift. The 21-year-old didn’t have a car.

When some of his co-workers found out what he was doing, they started collecting donations from others workers to buy Trenton a car. They raised about $2,000 and bought him a Saturn. Then, they presented it to him in the parking lot.

Says Trenton: “He brought me those keys and my heart just dropped. This can’t be real.”

But it certainly was, and Trenton is very thankful to his co-workers.

7. In Memphis, Tennessee, Linda Walton would walk about a mile to catch a bus, then she would ride it for the next two hours… to get to work.

When her co-workers found out, they pooled together their money and bought a used car for Linda…. a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Linda broke down in tears and shouted: “It’s mine!”

8. Ernestina Nunez was a high school janitor who had just moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, and everyday she would be seen walking past a car service shop to get to her job. Little did she know that Richard Newbury, who owned that shop, was watching her.

So one day, he walked up to her and started a conversation. Ernestina told him about her son who had served in the military and developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that he had killed himself the year before, and how much that devastated her.

But she had to work… she had to keep going to take care of her two other children. Richard was touched by her story. It just so happened that he had a car for sale on his lot. He told her Merry Christmas, and gave her the keys.

Posted by Richard Newberry on Friday, 29 July 2016

9. Angel Dotson was a single mom trying to take care of three children, when her car died. So she had to start walking to the bus stop, pushing a stroller, and drop off each child at a different location. Then, she would get off the bus and walk the rest of the way to her job at a university in St. Louis.

When her co-workers found out what Angel had been doing for the past 4 months, they banded together and got her a car… a 2005 Chevy Cavalier.

Says Angel: “It means a lot to me… I was just feeling so alone, like I didn’t have anybody, and God has shown me that I have people looking out for my best interests.”

10. In Indianapolis, 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan was on his way to a job interview at a Dairy Queen when a man and his wife spotted him walking and picked him up. The driver, Art Bouvier, had spoken with Jacquiel earlier in the day when the young man asked for directions from Art while he was pouring rock salt around his business after an ice storm.

Jacquiel told them he was walking to the Dairy Queen because he just didn’t have any money for bus fare. That walk would have been 10 miles if Art and his wife had not picked him up about 5 miles into it. Art realized that Jacquiel was going to walk 10 miles to a job that would pay him minimum wage… $7.25 an hour.

Then, before getting to that Dairy Queen, Art told Jacquiel that he would double that pay if he came to work for him at his business, Papa Roux’s, a restaurant. Jacquiel accepted the kind offer.

When Art posted about it on Facebook, it received 15,000 likes and was shared nearly 4,000 times. The other part of Jacquiel’s story is that his mother died two years ago, and he was walking to the Dairy Queen hoping to get a job, so he could support his younger brothers and sisters, something he had to drop out of high school to do.

When officials at the city’s transportation system found out about Jacquel’s story, they gave him a year’s worth of bus passes to get him back and forth to his job. 

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