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Poor Dog Abandoned After Being Diagnosed With Cancer.

Parker is a dog, and when he was 4 years old, he was diagnosed with cancer. The person who promised to take care of the dog decided he didn’t want him anymore. The dog was broken; he was gonna die, and his caretaker no long wanted him.

Parker, no doubt, was gonna die, but one group stepped in to make sure he went out with dignity… and Knowing that others cared about him. That group was Helping Hands for Animals.

They made sure he was kept in a kennel in Iowa and that those there cared for him. And then others found out about Parker’s circumstances, so they bought him nice things, like chew toys, a new bed, and even ice cream.

Everyone who met Parker instantly fell in love with him, and even dubbed his final few weeks as “Parker’s Dance,” a time where many spent their time with the discarded dog and gave him the best time they possibly could. Then, late last September, Parker took his last breath and took that journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

Those who cared for him in those last few weeks were heartbroken. But they all took solace in knowing that they treated Parker the way he should have been treated, and they all knew he left this world knowing that others… many others… loved him. 

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