POUR DECISIONS: Snack time goes terribly wrong after one kindergartner brings margaritas

A Michigan kindergarten kid allegedly got a bottle of ready-to-drink Jose Cuervo margaritas to school and distributed them to many pupils. The episode occurred at Grand River Academy in Livonia, Michigan, when another student reportedly offered the drink to kindergartners.

Alexis Smith, one of the kindergartners’ parents, stated her daughter had a Dixie cup full of the margarita drink and drank 4 or 5 sips of the alcoholic drink.

Dominique Zanders, another mother, stated that her daughter felt woozy, queasy and disoriented. She went on to say that her daughter was only told what was in the drink after she drank it, and that when she notified the instructor, she made a “weird look.”

Zander explained that the girl poured it in her cup, and she drank it, and the girl ended up letting her know what it was, and the girl went and informed the instructor there is booze in this cup, and the teacher gave her a strange expression. The alcoholic beverage was transported to school in one of the students’ bags.

The school stated in a statement that it is hard to monitor “everything our pupils bring to school.” It’s terrible that these sorts of adult beverages are sometimes misidentified as kid-friendly drinks. The school further stated that once the kindergartners drank it, poison control was notified, and that parents were contacted promptly. According to the report, the pupil would be reprimanded if required.

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