Pregnant Bride Dies Before Walking Down Aisle on Wedding Day And Doctors Race to Save Baby.

In an absurd heartbreak, Jessica Guedes, 30-year-old wife-to-be from Brazil pass away at 6 months pregnant on her marriage day. Amid the tragedy, God made sure her little wonder stay alive and this sweet child is an extraordinary blessing to her grief-stricken dad.

On that unfortunate day when the unthinkable incident took place, Jessica Guedes set out to marry Flavio Gonçalvez, 31.

Flavio later recollected that he waited by the altar but his wife-to-be failed to turn-up. He said that he was anxious because he was waiting for her at the altar and she was taking ages to come in and he soon learned the awful reason that rather something was very wrong.

Wife-to-be, Jessica Guedes died in the car while on her way to the church after feeling woozy and sick. This wasn’t wedding day anxieties but somewhat far more grave.

Flavio told that he unfastened the car door and Jessica was lying down but recouped consciousness to talk to him. Flavio said to her that he is there for her and Jessica responded that the whole thing was fine but that she had a severe ache in the back of her neck.

Flavio, who happens to be a deputy at the fire department, promptly recognized the risk to the love of his life. Jessica was then rushed to the hospital where medics learned the cause of her dreadful warning sign.

Jessica suffered a blow brought on by pre-eclampsia and while medics thrived in saving her yet to be born baby girl but Jessica did not had enough time and it was too late for her. The shockwave left Flavio in deep pain and now he would be upbringing his lovely daughter, Sophia, on his own.

Flavio not once imagined being a single father. But things seldom go as per to our plans in this world. It’s difficult to know why Jessica had to give her life for her baby but Flavio could have lost both his future wife and child that unfortunate day.

Almighty God had his blessings on this little fighter and baby Sophia challenged all the odds! Gratefully, though at only 29 weeks, she amazingly stay alive. She spent 70 days in the hospital battling several medical issues.

However Sophia’s mom and Flavio’s wife-to-be pass away on her marriage day, but her legacy survives on through the loved ones she left behind.

Flavio said that Jessica was a truly joyful individual who treasured life, an open-minded and strong being of light. He added that he was so looking forward to marrying her and becoming a father and said that he will be robust and he will not fail in the face of hardship.

Now, Flavio strive to show his daughter just how much her mom treasured her. He said that Jessica showed him how to admire and treat a woman well so that he could acquire how to look after their daughter.

However the agony of losing Jessica will never entirely die away, but little Sophia is a exceptional blessing carrying happiness to her dad, even in the face of such heartbreak.

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