Pregnant Woman’s Decision When Doctor Tells Her The Bad News.

Helping others in need, donating money, clothes and food to a shelter or the salvation army or directly to a family will put so much of faith in the eyes of the ones receiving this love. But sometimes, even this isn’t enough to save someone’s life. Some of us go well beyond the definition of giving and donate the most precious gift ever – our organs, and Here are 10 organ donation stories that are simply priceless.

1. ‘A part of her will live on, she won’t be completely gone. She will be alive in somebody else. Is what Hayley Martins of Hull, East Yorkshire said a week before Christmas as she was told by her doctors, that her premature baby will die either during birth or minutes after.

Mrs Martins had known this after her 20 week scan, but decided to continue to keep Ava-Joy till full term so that her organs could fully develop and Mrs Martins would then donate her organs to save some other dying baby.

When they went to their five-month scan, the couple were expecting to find out the sex of the baby, but instead were heartbroken to discover their child, who they named Ava-Joy would not survive beyond pregnancy.

Ava-Joy was diagnosed with bilateral renal agenesis – a rare genetic disorder. It’s always fatal and means the baby has no kidneys or bladder and is not surrounded by enough amniotic fluid, causing underdeveloped lungs.

Mrs Martins went on to say that this is her Christmas gift to other poorly babies who need an organ to survive. Mrs Martins will also be donating her own kidney to honor Ava-Joy.

2. As God allows this little precious girl the gift of life, her parents and doctors are delighted to see her breathe but know instinctively that she’s a guest for a very short time.

The doctors at the Rosie Hospital, Camridge knew what to expect and had told the parents of Newmarket, Suffolk to be prepared. Hope Lee was born with a rare disease that prevents the brain and skull to form properly. She was in this world, in the arms of her parents for a mere 74 minutes.

Her parents were against abortion and decided to give birth to Hope. Hope’s kidneys were donated to a 26 year old patient who remains anonymous, but has come forth with a letter of gratitude thanking the Lees for what they did.

‘I wanted you to know the difference you have made to my family and me and how much we appreciate your kindness and what must have been a difficult time for you. ‘Your family will always be in my thoughts. ‘Best wishes for the future and thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

Drew Lee, 52, said’I felt quite tearful reading the letter because it’s very genuine and heartfelt. It’s good to know Hope’s organs really made a difference to someone else’s life. Her words justify the difficult decision we made to donate our baby’s kidneys. ‘We are so pleased that Hope will live on through this woman.’

3. Jemima Layzell always prayed for the betterment of her friends and family. After a recent death of a close friend in a car crash, the 13 year old from Horton, Somerset, expressed her interest to donate her organs eventually when the time came.

Little did her parents Sophy and Harvey know, that Jemima was suffering from a brain aneurysm and will die before she even turned 14. Jemima’s parents have been told that Jemima’s organs helped save lives of 8 individuals who are truly thankful for this gift of life.

Dance tutor Mrs Layzell, 43, said: ‘Everyone wants their child to be special and unique and this, among other things, makes us very proud. ‘We knew Jemima was willing to be a donor following a conversation about it a couple of weeks before her unexpected death. The conversation was prompted by the death of someone we knew in a crash. ‘They were on the register but their organs couldn’t be donated because of the circumstances of their death. Jemima had never heard of organ donation before and found it a little bit unsettling but totally understood the importance of it.

4. She lost her father and was soon to be married, who better to walk her down the aisle and give her away than her organ donor father. After all they share a special bond now.

Lisa Simkin of Nottingham was given months to live by doctors due to her ailing lung condition. During the same time, a completely different family, the Moffat’s were grieving the loss of their daughter Rhona who passed away due to brain haemorrhage.

John Moffat, Rhonas father donated her lungs to Lisa and offered her a new lease to life. And with her new pair of lungs, she knew she wanted Mr Moffat to give her away when she married her fiance Jim of Australia.

Ms Simkin said: ‘I didn’t have a dad to ask because he had passed away several years ago, so I couldn’t think of anyone I would want more beside me than John.’

Lisa was blessed with a guardian angel who not only gave her the gift of life but also was teary eyed whilst giving her away on her wedding day.

5. Nothing can be more grief stricken and sad than to say goodbye to your loved one. Two year old Harrison, his mother Keri Young and Dad Royce had to say goodbye to their little sweet Eva Grace who was born still and motionless.

Keri had been told by the doctors earlier that Eva is suffering from a rare brain disease, which means that her brain will not fully develop on birth. That’s when the family had to make a tough decision of carrying Eva to full term and then being in a position to donate her organs to save the lives of other ill-babies.

But since Eva was born motionless, that meant that her organs could not be used for any transplant. Soon after, however, a call came through stating a recipient had been found for Eva’s eyes, making her the first person in Oklahoma to donate a whole eye.

Royce wrote in a blog how he dreamed of meeting the person who would receive his daughter’s organs. He said: ‘I had latched on to kidney or liver donation, grasping to the thought Eva would directly save a life. She’s not saving one like I dreamed of, but she will be changing one.’

6. “We had been talking before – we’d written to each other. We did feel nervous but in a good way” – is what Ms Millington had to say when she first met Chris Horner who was the proud recipient of a new heart. A heart that once belonged to Ms Millingtons son Rikki Howell.

Rikki died from a brain haemorrhage and his heart was donated. 25 year old Rikki’s wish was for someone to benefit from his death. Just days later Chris Horner, 31 received Mr Howells heart and a new lease on life.

6 months later, Ms Millington, from Stockton-on-tees, Durham, met Mr Horner, but was unable to hear her son’s heart beat through a stethoscope. Mr Horner held Ms Millington against his chest, causing her to break down in tears.

Ms Millington said, it was like taking a hug off of Rikki.

7. You never leave anyone behind, you carry them on your shoulders if you have to – is what army men and women abide by. They serve our country, they provide us safety and security, and they most certainly are our heroes.

Staff Sgt Mathew James Whalen of Fort Worth, Texas, an army veteran suffered a brain hemorrhage and was kept on life support. But on 21st of Dec, his family took him off life support and donated his organs to two veterans who were in dire need of a transplant.

A family friend posted a message saying: “In his final act on this Earth, it’s only fitting that he gave his life and in return saved two others. And it’s almost as if it were meant to be that the two donor recipients happened to be veterans.

There is no SOP or protocol for this type of ceremony, but with the help of Matt’s wife Hannah, all of his family, the nursing staff, and an Honor Guard we were able to show our love and appreciation in the best way we could.

All of you out there scattered throughout our country this close to Christmas can rest assured tonight. Your prayers and kind words these last couple days have carried the Whalen family and the support was truly felt.”

Mathew Whalen has served again, one last time.

8. Born just minutes apart, twin boys Teddy and Noah lie side by side, sharing a special moment with their mother before Teddy passed away, just after 100 minutes. The couple were told during pregnancy that their son would be born with a fatal brain condition, but were determined that his life would not be wasted.

Teddy had anencephaly, a rare, fatal condition that prevents the normal development of the brain and the bones of the skull. Almost all babies with anencephaly die before birth or within a few hours or days after birth. He was here for only the briefest of times – just 100 minutes. But in those few precious moments with parents Jess Evans and Mike Houlston, Teddy helped change the course of countless lives.

Since Teddy, who was a twin, became Britain’s youngest organ donor two years ago, his parents know of eight lives his story has helped to save. Teddy’s kidneys and heart valves had been removed and his organs had been transported 233 miles away, where they were given to a man suffering from renal failure.

Teddy’s legacy lives on, as after the parents went public, more than a 100,000 organ donors have come forward.

9. A car chase through dark alleys of southern Italy, mobsters chasing a family of four and shooting at the car windows and tyres – is what Reg Green recalls, when he thinks back to the night of 29th Sept 1994 when his 7 year old son Nicholas Green was shot dead in the back seat.

This was not fate, this was not any family rivalry or anger resulting from any sort of dispute. This was clearly a case of mistaken identity. The assailants who shot Nicholas were part of an Italian mob and had nothing to do with the Green family.

“I stopped the car and got out. The interior light came on but Nicholas didn’t move. I looked closer and saw his tongue was sticking out slightly and there was a trace of vomit on his chin,” says Green, 88, whose book about the experience, The Nicholas Effect, formed the basis for the 1998 film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Bates, Nicholas’ Gift.

“For the first time we realised something terrible had happened. The shock of seeing him like that was the bleakest moment I’ve ever had.”

An American family’s holiday had turned into a nightmare. Nicholas died in hospital days later, after entering a coma. But before he did, his parents made a decision which would change the lives of seven families across Italy – they decided to donate his organs.

In Italy, there are more than 120 places named in Nicholas’s honour: § 50 squares and streets § 27 parks and gardens § 27 schools § 16 other monuments and installations, including a lemon tree, a bridge and an amphitheatre

10. We need everybody, is a campaign launched to dispel myths about organ transplants and donors being of a certain age. Kidneys have been transplanted from donors in their 80s.

In Scotland, 107 year old woman has become the oldest organ donor. Transplant leaders revealed surgeons were able to remove the corneas of the elderly woman after her death to save the sight of a younger patient.

“Its a marvellous legacy to save someone life and you can do that well into old age. Older kidneys can work just as well as those from a 20 year old.”

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