Princess Anne’s beloved husband of 3 decades ‘filled a loneliness in her life’ many years before they married

Princess Anne is Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter and is considered as one of the most dedicated and hardworking royal family members. Princess Anne was also among the handful who spent the Queen’s final 24 hours at her Scottish Balmoral home.

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Following her mother’s death, the princess issued a statement stating her appreciation for being with the monarch in her final days. She also recognized her mother as a historical figure and stated that the honors to the Queen have been empowering and touching.

The princess did not fail to appreciate the public for their solidarity and best wishes as her brother, King Charles III, embarked on this life-changing position.

Sir Timothy Laurence, the Queen’s daughter’s husband of 30 years, also supported her through this difficult loss.

The Queen and Laurence had a tight friendship. One indication was when the queen allowed him to stand on the Buckingham Palace balcony despite the fact that he was not a functioning royal member.

Princess Anne has stayed strong in the face of a devastating tragedy. S he was the first to alert the royal family as they walked behind the monarch’s funeral at Balmoral.

Princess Anne escorted her mother’s coffin from Edinburgh to London. When she drove from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, the princess accompanied her mother’s coffin.

Princess Anne and the Queen Consort did not always get along since they were rumored to be romantically connected with the same guy.

Princess Anne had a love affair with Andrew Parker Bowles in the 1970s, according to Sally Bedell Smith, a royal biographer.

Princess Anne and Parker Bowles were quite serious. Still, when the thought of marriage arose, the royal family supposedly declined, for unclear reasons.

Their connection supposedly continued, but when Parker Bowles met Camilla, who is now known as the Queen’s Consort, he did not hesitate to propose.

Parker Bowles and the Queen Consort married on July 4, 1973, at the Guards Chapel, and their reception was held at St. James’s Palace.

A number of members of the royal family, including the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and Princess Anne, are said to have attended the wedding ceremony.

After Parker Bowles, Princess Anne fell in love with Mark Phillips. The pair enjoyed a lavish televised wedding in 1973.

The princess and her husband had their first child, Peter, in 1977, and their second child, Zara, in 1981. By 1984, the couple was apparently having troubles and checking into separate hotel rooms when they traveled.

In 1989, Princess Anne and Phillips decided to divorce. In 1992, their divorce was formalized.

After a dramatic divorce from Phillips, Princess Anne met the love of her life. The princess met her present husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, when she was still married to Phillips and served as the Queen’s equerry.

Laurence has been obsessed with the princess since he was introduced to the royal family in 1986. Despite the fact that their relationship was first compelled to remain platonic, the insider said that this merely reinforced their bond.

Laurence is said to have given Princess Anne a shoulder to cry on after the pain of her previous marriage. Although they were only friends, a source told that Laurence “filled a void in her life,” and their physical attraction was just icing on the cake.

Laurence’s romance was allegedly revealed by love letters she used to send to her Gatcombe Park home in Gloucestershire, England, where she resided with her ex-husband.

The love letters were taken, but they were discovered in a briefcase under her desk.  Furthermore, a person who read the letters told that they were philosophical and largely about their perspectives on life, instead of explicit language.

Another royal family insider stated that, while the letters did not contain any personal components, they were loving and would reveal Princess Anne and Laurence’s affair.

Despite the stormy start to their romance, the Princess married Laurence on December 12, 1992, the same year her divorce was completed.

Princess Anne and Laurence married with barely 30 guests at the Balmoral Estate.

Her father, Prince Phillip, led the princess down the aisle. Laurance was allegedly dressed in his royal Navy uniform, while his wife was dressed simply in a white suit. The couple has been inseparable since marriage and has had a 30-year great marriage.

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