Princess Diana would be ‘shaking her head’ at ‘flop’ Meghan Markle says psychic

Deborah Davies of Real Housewives of Cheshire has given her thoughts on what Diana, Princess of Wales would ponder about her daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

The psychic medium, who just debuted her Unexplained Deaths & Mysteries podcast, feels the former Suits actress would not satisfy Prince Harry’s mum.

Debbie offered her opinions on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex saying that to be frank, she believes they were both taken aback. Debbie supposed they expected to go to America and be the new Kardashians with a royal twist, but it’s been a huge fiasco, and individuals did adore Prince Harry.

The explanation for this is that Meghan Markle is the greatest gold digger conceivable; she’s so fame-hungry that she felt she could take on the Royal Family and be larger than them.

Debbie also stated that she believes that was her aim when she married Harry, she expected to be regarded as the Queen, but she was unable. Debbie believes Meghan figured that everyone would adore her far more than Kate; she can’t understand that people are looking at her genuine nature, which is why she hasn’t excelled in her endeavours.

She has tried to harm and ruin the Royal Family, but it hasn’t worked since people recognize her for what she is, and she’s falling flat on her face. There’s nothing she could do today to transform herself into the regal Kim Kardashian she craves.

Debbie shared her clairvoyant predictions about Diana’s thoughts, saying, she is sure Princess Diana is sitting up there on a cloud someplace shaking her head with a hand over her face wondering ‘What on Earth?!’

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