Professor Babysits Single Mom’s Children So She Can Finish Her Exam.

Becoming a mother can be a wonderful thing but when you’re in high school or college having a young child can be extremely difficult. Here are 10 stories where students found a babysitter from an unlikely source.

1. What do you do with two young, fidgety kids when you need to take a test?

Monica Romero’s babysitter cancelled on her at the last minute and put her in a real bind. She absolutely had to take her final exam in military history at the University of Louisville. So, with a lot of anxiety, she brought her kids to school and had them stay on a couch outside the classroom with a computer and tablet while she took the test.

Only minutes into the test, one of the kids started banging on the door. Monica shot out of the classroom to tend to them and her professor, Dr. Krebs, was right behind her. She was certain he was going to make her and her kids leave. But she got a big surprise.

Dr. Krebs told her to return to the classroom and finish her test and he would tend to them. A very unlikely babysitter, but a very good and kind-hearted one, at that.

2. In Atlanta, Georgia, single mom Kimmy Lopez was 18 and struggling to get through school and her financial burdens were stacking up. She finally told her teachers that she would have to quit school to take care of her son.

But her teachers were not about to let her education suffer, so they said to bring the boy to school and they would take care of him. And every day, they did.

Kimmy graduated from high school and went on to culinary school from there. Good for you, Kimmy! And great job seeing a student through to those teachers.

3. When a student’s baby began to cry, Hebrew University professor Sydney Engelberg too it in his arms and soothed it until the crying stopped. He then continued the class as if nothing had happened.

Engelberg allows his students to bring their babies and young children to class, so he can also teach students values.

4. Amanda Osbon was a single mother and had to bring her son to her DeVry University class in Nashville. She was embarrassed by doing so, but she just didn’t have a choice.

Her 2-year-old walked up to her professor, Joel Bunkowske, and reached out his arms to him. He picked up the little boy and carried him while teaching the class. Amanda broke down and cried at the incredible thoughtfulness of her instructor.

5. Back in the late 60s and early 70s when schools were ostracizing young girls who were pregnant, one school in California was doing just the opposite.

Citrus High School in Azusa, California, developed a program in 1971 to help teen girls continue their education while expecting a baby. It was a far cry from the terrible disgust, shame and hatred many pregnant girls endured at the time. And the school helped build the foundation for dealing with such issues today.

6. Vietnam veteran Jim O’Connor has a stern look and authoritative voice while teaching math at his school. But at a local hospital in California, he’s known as the “baby whisperer.”

His students don’t see this side of him, being a TLC Volunteer at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, where, for the past 20 years, he has spent several days during the week cuddling sick babies.

He has even given blood to babies and patients who need it. So far, he has donated more than 72 gallons of blood.

7. Ivory Coast professor Honore Kahi, who teaches communications at Bouake University, has taken crying babies from their mothers in class and calmed them into sleep.

He says, men are able to do certain things, and usually it’s the way society sees men that prevents them from doing these things.”

8. Dr. Josie Ryan of Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, knew that student Sarah Thompson was going to be extremely overwhelmed after giving birth to her son.

So she told Sarah to bring the boy to school with her, insisting that it would not be a problem. She even carried the infant the entire first class he was there.

9. The babysitter canceled on 33-year-old Katy Humphrey, so she had to bring her 4-month-old daughter to class at Baylor University.

When tiny Millie started getting a little fussy during professor Darryn Willoughby’s lecture, he picked her up and carried her for the rest of his talk, which was about 55 minutes.

He said he did not want Katie to feel stressed at all during the class.

10. A young girl was taking a test in her geography class with her baby next to her when the infant boy began crying. Her professor knelt down and started rocking the car seat he was in. He then said he wouldn’t mind feeding the baby his bottle until the test was over.

Sometimes, all it takes is a minute of kindness for a lifetime of hope.

Bonus story: A photo posted on Facebook by a teacher in Thailand has created much debate. The photo shows a student tending to her newborn child on the floor of the classroom.

The teacher said on the post, “Since we can’t provide the same equal status in life to all human beings in this world, everyone should at least have the same equal right of education. Nobody gets too old to study.”

Some of the comments to the post were critical, but overall, the girl and the teacher have received plenty of support.

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