Professor’s Hilarious Tweets About His Class Gets Worldwide Attention.

Professor Adam Avitable had a very unusual day once last year. Nobody showed up to his class. So he started tweeting out messages. #Classwatch2017.

He said he got candy for all of his students but now he was going to have to eat it all alone.

He said he wondered if this was a prank on him, and that he would break down and cry if it was.

He started naming the empty chairs in his classroom.

He sent an email to his boss asking where all the students were. He got no response.

He then began wondering if it was part of a zombie apocalypse.

He said a bird was outside his window and that he had invited him in to learn about algebra. But even the bird declined and flew away.

Appropriate this went out on a Tweet.

Then, 95 minutes into the class, two students walked in, gave no explanation or apology for being late and sat down at their computers. He vowed they would get no candy.

Five minutes later, he gave them candy. Still no explanation. They shrugged. He wants to kill. Maybe a zombie. But… zombies are already dead.

Finally, the day ended with no explanation, and to this day, the professor remains in the dark about what happened.

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