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Punk With Gun Tries Robbing Suburban Man, Gets Annihilated, Screams Like Little Girl.

A video of a very unpleasant and simultaneously amusing unsuccessful heist went popular on social media. The video, titled “Armed robbery in San Leandro, CA doesn’t go as planned,” appears to have originated on the Reddit thread “Public Freakout.” Despite the fact that it begins like any other armed robbery, the film has amassed millions of views for a valid reason.

The video, which seems to be set in a suburban area, starts with a young guy and his partner racing up to an unsuspecting man and thrusting a pistol in his face. The victim slowly starts to back up, and the couple realizes that their chosen target isn’t as defenseless as they anticipated.

The guy quickly strikes the punk, turns him into a bear grip, and savagely bodyslams him on the pavement. “Oh, alright!” the armed punk can be heard saying. Okay!” he exclaims in surprise as his partner panics and starts to back away.

As the young man’s body slams onto the pavement, the pistol can be heard falling over the asphalt. The guy then charges the punk, who lets out a sequence of ear-shattering shrieks reminiscent of a caged animal. To add to the absurdity of the scenario, the thwarted robber’s sidekick yells an unconvincing “hey, let him go” from a safe distance away from the hero.

We can only imagine how the young man’s expression changed in that single second when he understood he wasn’t in control of the situation. The awful sounds escaping from the formerly confident punk, on the other hand, are more than enough to indicate the horror he must have been experiencing.

The video sparked outrage and condemnation for the duo’s originally brash attitudes, which gradually degraded into the terrified response of a couple of toddlers discovered doing something they shouldn’t be doing. The young man’s shouts were likened to those of a pig, monkey, or screech owl.

Surprisingly, the video finishes with the guy kindly letting the duo go, urging them to “f— out of here.” Predictably, the scared pair fled in a hurry, leaving the pistol used in the failed heist on the street.

While the guy was kind enough to let the duo escape without major harm or penalty, several people commented that he should have held the young man until the police came. But, if the accomplice had opted to interfere or, worse, take the pistol, such a reaction may not have been possible.

Perhaps the cops were summoned and were able to apprehend these guys before they committed other crimes. Given that the pistol was left behind, the police may have enough information to track them down.

It’s unsettling to think of what may have occurred to the guy if the couple had succeeded in their plot. While equipping civilians to defend themselves is the best choice, body-slamming thugs and making them cry like little girls is a close second.

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