Pupil is excluded from school after ‘taking toy gun to McDonald’s’

A mother has spoken out about her heartbreak after her kid was expelled from school for bringing a “toy gun” to McDonald’s. After taking the toy to the fast food restaurant, the 12-year-old was expelled from his new school in Birmingham.

Pauline’s son Michael brought the toy gun to McDonald’s and gave it to a friend, who subsequently “fired a couple of pellets at two pupils.” The school has stated that excluding a kid is not taken lightly, but the 53-year-old mother believes the school’s punitive measures are “ridiculous”.

A cleaner named Pauline has blamed the school for “unfair treatment.” The Church of England academy in Yardley Wood has also been compared to an “army camp” by the mother.

Christ Church’s headteacher, Mark Bowman Dalton, stated: “Any exclusion will not be taken lightly and will adhere to the Department of Education’s statutory guidelines. Each matter is addressed equitably, and a panel of governors will assess it. Christ Church, Church of England Secondary Academy establishes clear limits that promote exemplary behavior and protect the safety and well-being of all students in the learning environment.”

Pauline stated that her child is not a “stray” kid. Mitchell is now “considered a risk,” she claimed, despite the fact that he has not threatened or injured anyone. She explained that they discovered early on that the school is pretty severe. While they understand that they are attempting to create a standard and a precedent for a brand new school, their penalty seems a touch excessive.

During a hearing, Pauline said she had supplied “flawless references” on behalf of her son, which the school’s board of governors upheld. She alleged that this included a worker at the McDonald’s near where Mitchell delivered the pistol to his pal.

Pauline stated the rifle was provided to police, who determined there was no need to investigate. However, she argues that a “misunderstanding” a week earlier put an “imperfection” on Mitchell’s record.

During a class discussion on the three items students would bring to a desert island, Pauline claimed her 12-year-old joked about carrying scissors to “stab himself in the neck” because he would not want to be alone. She stated that a teacher misheard Mitchell’s comments and mistook it for a threat.

Pauline stated that she was in the process of appealing the verdict. She remarked that it’s not a BB gun and here is where her argument lies. To be obvious a BB gun shoots high-velocity ball bearings, whereas this shoots little plastic pips. It’s gold and black to indicate that it’s not a firearm. It is ultimately because it is completely unjust to Mitchell. Is he heading to a nasty boy’s school or something? She is not sure at the moment. He is receiving no education.

“It’s not an army camp, it’s a school.” BB guns that fire plastic or aluminum balls “may or may not be weapons and so may or may not be outlawed,” according to one police agency. The pellets are shot in numerous ways, according to West Yorkshire Police.

The police stated: “The ‘toy-like’ soft air BB gun, albeit it may be a bit too powerful to be formally classified as a toy, does not meet the criteria of a section 1 weapon since it is generally too low powered and is most likely meant to discharge plastic [or] aluminum pellets. If you are unclear whether your BB gun is legal, contact your local police department’s guns department, who will be able to assist you. Given the nature of BB guns and their capabilities, it is not recommended that young kids get access to them.

“Also, numerous BB guns are incredibly realistic, and police handle all reports involving weapons as if they were genuine live firearms. Kindly note  that all calls to police involving guns are treated as though they are genuine firearms, so if you wave an imitation firearm around, you may find yourself encircled by firearms officers pointing real weapons at you.”

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