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Puppy abandoned in forest with all his belongings waits for someone to see him.

Hank used to have a family. However, they dumped him in the woods.

They abandoned him there, leaving him with a damaged leg, an unopened bag of food that he couldn’t open, his bed, and some old toys.

A kind stranger saw him in the woods resting perfectly calm on his dog bed and phoned the local animal shelter.

Humans and Animals United said on Facebook that only a puppy at 8 months old has gone through so much. When he realized he was being carried to the veterinary facility, his tail began to wag. They don’t understand why somebody would discard him with a broken leg. He was abandoned in the woods with his bed, toys, and food. Whoever you are, please know that Hank is now secure and will never be abused again.

❤️🐾🎉 WE HAVE NAMED HIM HANK! Please welcome the boy abandoned in the woods to HUMANS AND ANIMALS UNITED! Please honor…

Posted by Humans and Animals United on Friday, 14 October 2022

Those who rescued Hank were concerned that he might be hostile because he was in survival mode, yet he turned out to be a huge sweetie pie.

From the minute they acquired him, he was nothing but love, Rosa Fond, founder of Humans and Animals United, told The Dodo. Everyone says he’s the cutest puppy.

Hank was rushed to the veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with a fractured limb that had been bothering him for more than two weeks.

That’s why he didn’t get out of his dog bed.

He couldn’t do it because it hurt too much. Hank required extensive surgery. According to Facebook posts, he was on the verge of being euthanized.

Humans and Animals United, on the other hand, stepped in to ensure that Hank received all of the crucial care that he required.

Hank had surgery planned, but he was required to gain weight first. No one understood how long he had gone without eating, but he was quite thin when he was discovered. However, he was most likely dumped in the woods for two weeks before he was discovered.

During this period, the veterinary care personnel made sure to lavish him with love and attention. Hank’s tale became viral on the internet.

Donations began to stream in to help pay for Hank’s surgery and care. People couldn’t believe that somebody could be so nasty to such a nice puppy.

Hank’s first operation was a success, thanks to everyone who gave and supported him.

He is anticipated to need some time to recover.

According to Humans and Animals United, he is still exceedingly underweight, to the point where his bones protrude.

To bulk up, he is fed little meals throughout the day. He is now in a temporary foster family but will soon be transferred to a different foster home that deals in instances similar to Hank’s.

This will give him the best opportunity to gain weight and recover from surgery. Hank will be put for adoption once he is well enough.

There have been several requests about adopting Hank, but no formal permanent home has been found.

“So thankful, for the good Samaritan that found him and everyone involved in his care. I know he will have a wonderful life from here on out,” the rescuer wrote.

Visit Humans and Animals United at to learn more about giving to Hank’s fund or supporting other dogs in need like Hank.

Check out Hank in the video below!

Posted by Humans and Animals United on Friday, 21 October 2022
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