Puppy Wanted To Stay With His Dead Mom. Rescuer Didn’t Give Up & Then Something Amazing Happened.

This animal shelter received word about a puppy that would not leave his mother’s side from the side of the road. Unfortunately, the mother had already passed on, and that meant her young was in peril. When they found the dog, he was frantic, hungry, and very, very scared. They spent hours trying to obtain the dog, and eventually had to trap him, and risk him hurting them, before he finally gave up and came with them.

The folks at the shelter worried that the dog had gone feral, but thankfully, he took to domestication quickly. Befitting his looks and strong will, they had named the puppy Prince.

One can only wonder what hardships mother and son went through on the road, but Prince can now live the happy life we’re sure his mother would have wanted for him.


He was scared for his life and did not trust the rescuers. They had to be extremely careful to keep him from going on the highway.


He wouldn’t allow the rescuers to touch him…and it took them quite a few hours to get him in control.


They were worried it would take him months of rehabilitation…but once they put him in his crate something amazing happened. They saw a little tail wag the very next day.



He now enjoys his life with the other puppies in the house and had an unexpected happy ending. 🙂


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