Real Stories Of Amazing Animal Rescues. This Video Made Me Cry With Happy Tears.

What makes people want to rescue animals when we see them in peril? Some psychologists say that we imagine in animals something of ourselves, and so people rescue animals because they subconsciously feel they are rescuing other humans like them.

For some people, it may be the manifestation of certain religious or ethical beliefs, such as the doctrine of man’s dominion over the animals taking form in our stewardship of them. Of course, for many people, these beliefs enter the social and political sphere, and so they become activists, volunteers, and try to help animals in any way they can.

I would like to believe that we just believe in the value of life, and for this reason, we want to save lives even if they are not our own. Without further ado, watch these videos of people going above and beyond what is required of them to save animals in danger.

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