Relief teacher faces court for child sex offences

Ammy Singleton, 28, a relief educator from countryside South Australia has faced court of law for inaptly communicating with a kid.

On Wednesday morning, Ammy confronted the Port Augusta Court after being accused with communicating with a kid to make them agreeable to sexual action last year between November 1 and 30.

The relief educator was detained on December 23 last year and first appeared in court of law on February 14.

David Lawton, Port Augusta West Primary School’s principal delivered a note to parents previously this year to notify them that Ammy had functioned at the school just for a day in July, 2020.

The Principal said that the cops have directed the Department for Education that they do not have any opposition to the department notifying the school community.

He further added that this instance does not comprise any schoolchildren at their school and the info accessible to the school proposes there is no requirement for any worry for any children at their school.

The principal further said to the parents that if they have any apprehensions about the security and well-being of their child, they can reach out to him directly at the school.

The relief educator has bail circumstances that stop her from fetching in any child connected work. She is due to face Port Augusta Court again on July 20.

South Australia Police department did not deliver additional information on the instance when called for further details.

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