Rescued Kangaroo Shows Gratitude In The BEST WAY EVER.

Hugs are great! And most of us will take them whenever we can get them. Even if it’s from… a kangaroo.

When a roo named Abi was only five months old, she was orphaned, and she was quickly rescued by some wildlife specialists at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia.

They also raised Abi. So it was almost natural for Abi to look at her rescuers as some very important people… important enough by rescuing her to give them hugs every single day. As a matter of fact, she starts every morning hugging the members of her human family.

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Queen Abi hugs are the best hugs 🤗 💖

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Says one sanctuary caretaker: “Abi came to me as an orphan of 5 months old and was quite busted up with cuts and scrapes. And [she] is my only kangaroo who comes up and gives a great big rugby tackle cuddle.”

Actually, Abi’s hugs were so special for sanctuary workers that a video was made of her giving them, and it went viral. It just goes to show that a little bit of kindness can be rewarded with lots of love.

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