Rescued Kitten Couldn’t Just Stop Cuddling This Cop.

After dealing with a shoplifter at a TJ Maxx store, two Arlington, Texas, police officers were led by a woman in the parking lot to a strange noise coming from underneath a car. When they checked under the car, they were surprised to find two tiny kittens all alone and meowing inside the bumper.

They pulled the cats out and could only assume that their mother had placed them there for some reason, possibly for safety.

When the owner of the car came out, the officers told her about the kittens, and she said she had no idea how they got into her bumper, but she did not want to be responsible for them. That was no problem at all, because Officer Adkins had developed a quick bond with both of them. So he took them to his sqaud car, and they proceeded to climb all over him, meowing nervously. He stroked them gently to calm them down.

Adkins decided to take care of them himself, so he took them to the veterinarian. He was told they were about 6 weeks old and in good health. After feeding them once, the officer’s bond for them grew, so he took them home and adopted them. He just didn’t have it in him to give them up. Then he decided to name them. Since he found them in the parking lot of TJ Maxx, he named one TJ and the other Maxx.

The police department couldn’t help but post pictures of Adkins, TJ and Maxx on its media sites, and many loved them. One post on the department’s Twitter page asked, “Who says firefighters are the only ones who rescue kittens?”

Earlier this year, Officer Adkins won a very prestigious honor. He was named the South District Officer of the Year. Looks like TJ and Maxx wound up with a really good parent. 

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